The Company Seebacher GmbH

BMS - ISYGLT Building Management System

Seebacher GmbH is a premium provider for a full range of building management and home automation systems based in Bad Tölz, Germany Bavaria. The primary products are ISYGLT, ISYnet, ISYDIM and ISYBUS. The range of products comprises building automation systems for:


  • lighting and illumination control
  • RGB LED control
  • watermanagement
  • media control for conference rooms
  • stage light and sound equipment
  • heating and airconditioning control
  • sun protection and solar energie control
  • power consumtion control
  • visualisation by touch panel or pc
  • and a lot of other solutions


Seebacher GmbH offers from:

  • realising of ready for use automation projects
  • consulation service in automation systems
  • supply of single modules
  • programming workshops
  • assistance in planning electrical systems to
  • remote maintenance
and everything what's associated with automation systems and lighting control.


The vast product range is largely manufactured in Germany. The light management is especially in our spotlight. We have got experience in more than 1750 installations an about 20 years in business.


At Seebacher GmbH we believe that an entire building automation system is a means whereby your facilities adjusts itself to suit your lifestyle with individual human interaction.




ISYGLTR, ISYnetR, ISYDIMR and ISYBUSRare brands of Seebacher GmbH

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