"If it really should work, we'll get Seebacher."


    Many who work in the field of professional building technology have heard of the family-managed company Seebacher from Bad Tölz: we are known in the industry as the professional solution provider for all kinds of lighting control requirements. We have been implementing sophisticated installations for over 30 years.

    We control light perfectly and exactly as you, our customer, need it. Whether special switch cabinet construction for dimmers or lighting control systems, whether building management systems or building automation for HVAC – our know-how constantly grows with the complexity of the requirements.


    A large part of our team conceives and implements system integration in buildings. The other part focuses on developments in the area of dimmer technology, control technology and automation – increasingly also on software topics. We carry out our projects with our own products in combination with high-quality products from our partner suppliers.

    For some years now, terms such as IoT, cloud, digitalisation of buildings have been gaining in importance for us, in addition to our core business of lighting control and building automation.

This is what we offer:


Lighting Control

Churches | Museums | Events Houses | Facades | ...

  • Demanding lighting control with ISYGLT® for over 30 years.
  • Intelligent and perfectly dimmed – we make it possible!


ISY4 – Smart Building and IoT

  • IoT Cloud Solutions, Digital Assistant, Asset/Person Tracking, Indoor Navigation
  • Analysis and Automatic Building Optimisation
  • Smart City: Networking Sensors and Gateways

Building Automation

BMS | Control and Regulation Technology | Energy Management

  • We ensure that everything runs smoothly and functions perfectly.
  • Energy Management with Load Management System from NZR and DEOS

Dimmer Technology


  • Hardware for Perfect Dimming
  • Best LED Retrofit Universal Dimmer
  • Modules for Railway Applications
  • Manufacturing, Development, OEM, Direct Sales of Dimmer Modules and Components


  • LED Technology for Impressive Lighting Systems
  • Complete Package for Intelligent Lighting
  • With a long-term partner network for your project


Control / Switch Cabinet Construction | Special Controls | Mechatronics

  • Automation Technology
  • Distributor Construction
  • Dimmer Packs and Offset Boxes
  • Special Mechanical Solutions

Swimming Pool Technology

We distribute Premium Swimming Pool Covers with Automation in close cooperation with ROLLO SOLAR, the market leader.


  • Expansion of our BUILDING AUTOMATION segment

    We have greatly expanded our area of system integration for measuring and control technology for the automation of heating, sanitation, ventilation and air conditioning and are now a system partner of DEOS.

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    Digital assistant for building automation

    Complete networking of all systems in the hotel with secure connection to a cloud solution with integration of AI.

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  • CO2 sensor integrated intelligently – to reduce the risk of infection:

    This way, the risk of infection can be sustainably reduced.

    For continuous monitoring of the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the room air. Our ISYwireless solutions let you retrofit functional modules easily. For sustainable building automation.

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