"If you really want it to work, Seebacher is the one!"


    Many who work in the field of professional building technology have heard of the family-managed company Seebacher from Bad Tölz: we are known in the industry as the professional solution provider for all kinds of lighting control requirements. We have been implementing sophisticated installations for over 30 years.

    We control light perfectly and exactly as you, our customer, need it. Whether special switch cabinet construction for dimmers or lighting control systems, whether building management systems or building automation for HVAC – our know-how constantly grows with the complexity of the requirements.


    Our team is doing the planning and the system integration in the buildings. The other part focuses on developments in the area of dimmer technology, control technology and automation – increasingly also on software topics. We carry out our projects with our own products in combination with high-quality products from our partner suppliers.

    For some years now, terms such as IoT, cloud, digitalisation of buildings have been gaining in importance for us, in addition to our core business of lighting control and building automation.

This is what we offer:


Lighting Control

Churches | Museums | Events Houses | Facades | ...

  • Demanding lighting control with ISYGLT® for over 30 years.
  • Intelligent and perfectly dimmed – we make it possible!


ISY4 – Smart Building and IoT

  • IoT Cloud Solutions, Digital Assistant, Asset/Person Tracking, Indoor Navigation
  • Analysis and Automatic Building Optimisation
  • Smart City: Networking Sensors and Gateways

Building Automation

BMS | Control and Regulation Technology | Energy Management

  • We ensure that everything runs smoothly and functions perfectly.
  • Energy Management with Load Mngt. Syst. from ISYGLT, NZR and DEOS

Dimmer Technology


  • Hardware for Perfect Dimming
  • Best LED Retrofit Universal Dimmer
  • Manufacturing, Development, OEM, Direct Sales of Dimmer Modules and Components


  • LED Technology for Impressive Lighting Systems
  • Complete Package for Intelligent Lighting
  • With a long-term partner network for your project


Control / Switch Cabinet Construction | Special Controls | Mechatronics

  • Automation Technology
  • Distributor Construction
  • Dimmer Packs and Offset Boxes
  • Special Mechanical Solutions

Smart Technology for Pools and Wellness

  • Swimming pool covers
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Professional planning of hotel and private swimming pools
  • Control technology for heating, air conditioning and ventilation
  • Light management


  • Salzburg State Theatre restored to historical splendour - yet better than ever!

    The renovation of the 130-year-old building was completed on time and on budget. From May - October 2022, central components of the State Theatre of Salzburg were renovated - from the podestry of the balconies to the theatre's seating, stage technology and auditorium lighting.

    The measures will optimise seating comfort in front of the curtain and enhance the overall effect in the auditorium. Behind the curtain, the theatre's technical infrastructure will be brought up to date and the theatre will be made fit for the future in this area.

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  • Saving energy is also the order of the day in the beer hall!

    After a 2-year break, the Oktoberfest is taking place again in Munich. The ISYGLT building automation system is used for lighting control in the new Bräurosl beer hall. Operational safety, free adaptability to requirements and perfect dimming of retrofit LED lamps were the reasons for choosing our system.

    The lighting control of the 15 arches, each with 88 LED lamps (now only 2.8W per LED), is controlled by 5 ISYGLT UD-700-X2 dimmers. Each of the dimmers is responsible for 264 of the LEDs. Depending on the version, the other lighting groups are also integrated into the scenarios with the UD-700-X2 universal dimmers, via the DALI protocol or for releases via switching actuators.

    Seebacher would like to thank everyone involved for the great cooperation and wishes everyone a peaceful and successful Wiesn 2022.

  • Statement about ISYfyd Systems GmbH:

    Information for all customers, suppliers and partners of Seebacher GmbH with the product brands ISYGLT, ISYnet and ISYDIM on the status of ISYfyd Systems GmbH:

    In 2016, it was decided in-house to outsource the sales of Seebacher GmbH to an independent sales company. This was done by ISYfyd Systems GmbH. Our in-house sales staff, Mr. Burgenlehner and Mr. Lorek, then moved there.

    After more than 5 years of joint project business with different focuses, ISYfyd Systems GmbH had to file for insolvency in 2022.

    Mr. Ewald Burgenlehner is now again employed by Seebacher GmbH, Mr. Wolfgang Lorek moved to our partner company multisenses GmbH in Lage. Both technical advisors are thus furthermore available for questions and solutions around our range of services.

  • May brings a new turn:

    From now on, the Seebacher company is managed by the dual leadership of Paul Seebacher and Johann Haltmair.

    Martin Daller is leaving the company on 1 July 2022 to put down new roots. After 11 years in the management, we sincerely wish him great success for his new work in the solar industry. And we look forward to continuing great projects in the usual top quality.

    The Seebacher Team

  • Himmelfahrtskirche Munich Pasing - Illumination of a Neo-baroque Church

    It was a great cooperation with all parties involved and we are proud to have been part of it with the lighting control and building automation.

    Mr. Urban Kreuz from Kreuz + Kreuz describes the concept very nicely here:
    The Church of the Ascension in Pasing was opened in May 1904. The baroque church building was designed by the Munich architect Carl Hocheder, who was also responsible for the "Müllersche Volksbad", the main fire station and several Munich schools. It is one of the oldest Protestant churches in Munich. It forms the urban prelude to the "Villenkolonie Neu-Pasing II".

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