Electronic Components for Light

We are a specialist distributor for professional equipment and technology:

  • Dimmer
  • Lighting control
  • LED-technology (drivers, power supplies, LED strips and panels)
  • Accessories for lighting control systems

Standardized protocols and control modes DALI, DMX, 1-10V, 0-10V, RS-485, Poti, PWM, ...

We supply components from our own production such as ISYGLT, ISYnet, ISYDIM as well as selected products from well-known manufacturers: ISYnet, ISYDIM, ISYGLT, Varintens, PULS, TH-Contact, and many more.

ISYGLT for Project Solutions

For over 25 years, one of the most professional systems for

  • Professional lighting control
  • Sun protection control
  • Room and building automation

Together with our partners, thousands of large projects worldwide have already been equipped with the BUS system and function perfectly. ISYGLT is the first choice for event venues, churches, museums, trade fairs, logistics centres. The system is also used in many offices, production facilities, villas and sports halls.

Modular components of the ISYGLT system from German production for guaranteed performance, reliability and flexibility. You can find ISYGLT components under:

IoT Components

We are your technological partner for:

  • Gateways and terminals
  • Wireless sensors und and wired
  • Software: visualisation building management systems, digital assistant neo / ISY4you
  • Cloud solutions: cloud database for cloud server or local, dashboards, autom. evaluation of historical data, autom. optimisation through "machine learning" and AI, message management
  • Wireless actuators

... and much more. We will be happy to advise you on IoT-capable components for lighting control and building automation, BLE beacons, IT technology for building infrastructure, LTE routers, etc.

Archive and Spare Parts

Here you will find technical data of all products that are no longer produced. We can supply replacements for many components. You can find more information under the products.