varintens Light Control Unit VIP-90HF-124

Discontinued type - no longer in production!

The FL dimmer VIP-90HF-124 (35W DMX) is only intended for controlling the fluorescent lamp HE35W / T5 and can be used indoors in the lamp housing.

Quick Facts

  • lamp installation device
  • flicker-free from 0 to 100%
  • control ratio 16bit
  • fast response time
  • long life

The VIP-90HF-124 (35W DMX) is a FL dimmer in microcontroller based high frequency technology for HE35W / T5 fluorescent lamps. It is characterised by the following advantages:

  • integrated PFC correction
  • switch-on current limitation
  • lamp monitoring with switch-off

The DMX interface also makes the dimmer ideal for colour rendering in rooms using fluorescent lamps.

    Electrical Data

    Mains voltage 230 V ± 10 %
    Mains frequency 50 Hz (option 60Hz)
    Maximum load 45 W
    Response time < 20 ms
    Power factor > 0.98
    Ambient temperature -20°C to +60°C

    Design, Dimensions, Weight

    Design Mounting in lamp
    Dimensions LxWxD 390.5x30x29mm
    Weight 350 g

    Ordering Data and Conformity

    Type designation VIP90-90HF-124
    Article no. SE231.61.124
    Make varintens
    Conformity CE