DALI Controller DNR-LC

HCL light control for one room. Simple and uncomplicated.

DALI Interface Light Controller for controlling up to 2x16 (32 in total) DALI ECGs circadian (Tunable white) via a sensor touch panel.

Either the DNR-TC Touch Controller or the DNR-Clock Clock Module can be used to operate the Controller.

Quick Facts

  • 2 inputs 230V for buttons
  • 1 output 230V for switching off the load
  • 2 DALI BUS outputs (max. 16 DALI terminals)
  • circadian colour temperature control
  • DALI broadcast or addressing
  • manual operation
  • automatic operation (switching times or astronomical function)
  • individual operation according to season possible

The DNR-LC DALI Light Controller is used to control lamps with a colour temperature control based on DALI. The DNR-LC only works in conjunction with the DNR-TC Touch Controller or the DNR-Clock Clock Module.

The functionality is very conveniently managed in an iOS app (see app description). Here you define which functions are assigned to the buttons (on/off, light colour, brightness, manual/auto operation, etc.). The app also provides various switching times, astronomical functions and curve settings.

The module has an integrated DALI power supply and a relay to reduce the standby power of lamps less than 0.5W. It is designed as a lamp installation module with a very small design.

Basic functions:

  • (circadian) colour temperature control (Tunable white) / HCL (Human Centric Lighting)
  • DALI broadcast or addressing >> group control
  • manual operation
  • automatic operation according to switching times or astronomical function
  • operation during the whole year equal or individual according to 4 seasons

Functions (adjustable with the iOS app):

  • setting the DALI operating mode
  • circadian curves
  • switching times
  • functions of the buttons
  • functions of motion sensors
  • manual/auto definitions

Electrical Data

Operating voltage 198V-264V AC / 175V-280V DC
Power consumption less than 0.5W at 230V AC
Power switching contact 230V AC, max. 1000VA
Button input 230V, max. 10mA; typical 5mA
DALI interface max. 16 DALI ECGs per DALI output, total 32 (with additional equipment expandable up to 128 ECGs with up to 3x DNR-DALI+16)
Mounting lamp installation
Connection plug-in terminal 0.5-1.5mm² rigid/flexible (8mm stripped)
Max. ambient temperature -20°C to +65°C
Typical Tc point (max.) +70°C
Storage temperature -25°C to +70°C
Humidity 1...95% r. h. non-condensing
Life span >50000h at Tc 70°C
>100000h at Tc 65°C
Protection class IP20

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design lamp installation housing
Dimensions LxWxH 130 x 30 x 21 mm
Weight 89g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation DNR-LC
Article no. 80100143
Make ISYnet
Conformity CE

Instruction Manuals


Pin Assignment

5-pole terminal left

1 (E2) Connection pushbutton 2
2 (E1) Connection pushbutton 1
3 (N) Mains voltage "N"
4 (L) Mains voltage "L"
5 (L') Switching output
PE PE via housing attachment

4-pole terminal right

9 (DALI2 -) DALI BUS 2 depending on mode broadcast cold white lamps or addressable
10 (DALI2 +) DALI BUS 2 depending on mode broadcast cold white lamps or addressable
11 (DALI1 -) DALI BUS 1 depending on mode broadcast warm white lamps or addressable
12 (DALI1 +) DALI BUS 1 depending on mode broadcast warm white lamps or addressable

Additional Equipment

  • DNR-TC Touch Controller (Article no. 80100160)
  • DNR-Clock Clock Module (Article no. 80100141)
  • DNR-LS Light Sensor (Article no. 80100144)
  • IR remote control "Lightgate Basic"
  • ISYnet adapter RJ10 plugs with 20cm cable (Article no. 80100142)
  • If more than 2x16 ECGs are to be connected to a DNR-LC, there is the extension module DNR-DALI+16 (Article no. 80100145). Up to 3 units can be operated with one DNR-LC (max. 4x2x16 = 128 ECGs / 64 lamps possible).


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