Universal flush-mounted Dimmer UUD-T55

Professional Universal flush-mounted LED Dimmer for reliable dimming regardless of the manufacturer and type of LED.

The latest dimming technology ensures a maximum power spectrum and high LED compatibility as well as extremely quiet dimming.

Quick Facts

  • flush-mounted dimmer for 3-160W LED power
  • universal dimmer, leading edge or trailing edge adjustable
  • shaft 4mm (6mm with adapter) for all common switch ranges
  • can be integrated in alternate circuit

Reliable dimming of LEDs "Made in Germany" with the new ISO-gate® technology stands for maximum LED compatibility with different LEDs regardless of the type and manufacturer of the LED. In the past, the challenge was to find the right combination of dimmer and LED because only truly compatible systems could guarantee satisfactory dimming performance.

With this dimmer family a dimmer for all light sources was developed. This eliminates the time-consuming search for the perfect combination of dimmer and LED. The ISO-gate® technology is based on complex dimmer circuits which are able to communicate with and control different LED electronics. Since every LED, whether retrofit or driver-controlled, contains individual electronics, many conventional dimmers fail. The development goal was therefore to develop a new dimming technology that also takes the latest LED technologies into account. During development, special attention was paid to so-called "filament LEDs", whose independent electronics often require special dimming technology.

A "real" on/off switch in the dimmer prevents unwanted standby consumption.

Control mode of the dimmer:

  • Rotary potentiometer at the dimmer
  • Combination dimmer with change-over switch possible

The dimmer fits into all common, deep UP switch boxes and is compatible with various switch ranges such as GIRA, Busch-Jäger, Jung and Berker.

This complements our range of professional dimmers for stand-alone standard applications without a BUS system.

Electrical Data

Mains supply 230 V ~ (+/-10%) / 50 Hz
Fuse protection max. 16A
Output 3-160W LED power or 7-400VA (ohmic load)
Control/actuation rotary dimmer with pressure change switch
Short-circuit protection electronic overload protection
Overtemperature protection self-resetting temperature switch
Connection screw terminals up to 2 x 2.5 mm² (rigid)
Operating temperature -10 °C to 30 °C
Storage temperature -10 °C to 40 °C
Humidity 0 % to 85 % non-condensing
Protection class IP 10
Protection class 2

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design Flush-mounted for installation in switch boxes with 4mm shaft metal with soft grid (6mm shaft with adapter possible)
Dimensions LxWxH 71x71x33 mm
Weight 66g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation UUD-T55.00
Article no. EH5500X0000
Make Ehmann
Conformity CE, REACH, RoHS



Manual setting of the dimming principle

Some LEDs can be better dimmed with the leading edge principle, others with the trailing edge principle. However, due to the capacitive LED load, universal dimmers with automatic load detection only use their trailing edge components. In many cases, however, the leading edge principle is more suitable. The advantage of the universal LED dimmer is that the dimming principle can easily be changed manually. This allows the dimming principle to be set according to requirements, which best harmonises with the connected LED. Due to the additional possibility of optimizing the dimmer in the min. and max. brightness range, it thus offers the greatest possible flexibility and the best possible dimming performance.

MIN/MAX optimization

If the light should flicker when dimming LED lamps, you can try to adjust the mini- or maximum brightness in the lower and upper dimming range in order to optimise the dimming behaviour of the lamp.

Automatic neutral conductor recognition

Conventional dimmers work exclusively in 2-wire operation. This technology was completely sufficient for dimming conventional lamps such as incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps. Due to the new challenge of being able to dim complex LED light sources satisfactorily, new dimming technologies are increasingly required. An elementary innovation in the Universal LED Dimmer UUD-T55 is the optional use of 3-wire technology. In order to use this technology and thus significantly increase dimming performance, it is necessary to connect the neutral conductor (N) to the dimmer.

If this is present in the installation and connected, the dimmer automatically detects this and uses the natural zero crossing as an indicator to optimise its starting or segment behaviour. The "natural triggering" also makes it possible to better dim difficult-to-dimm light sources such as filament LEDs or LED drivers. If the neutral conductor is not present in the house installation, the dimmer automatically operates in 2-wire mode and can therefore be used universally in any installation environment.

Additional Equipment

Switch range adapter

  • enables the use of common switch ranges from e.g. Busch-Jäger, Gira, Berker, Jung and much more