LED strip RGB, LED built-in module, ideal for the illumination of buildings and larger objects.

Width 20mm, length 120, 160, 180, 300, 500 and 560mm

Quick Facts

  • RGB LED strip
  • particularly homogeneous light distribution
  • dimmable 0 to 100%
  • beam angle of 120°
  • assembly by adhesive bonding
  • cooling profiles required

This elongated LED board is ideal for the illumination of buildings and larger objects. The LED strip is equipped with 48 RGB LEDs with particularly homogeneous light distribution. These can be controlled almost powerless with pulse width modulated signals from 0 to 100%. This allows the entire RGB colour space to be reproduced. In the event of reverse polarity of the supply lines, the integrated reverse polarity protection protects the LEDs from voltages up to 40V. The LED module is equipped with white RGB LEDs and has the following features:

  • high-quality, bright LEDs with 11.5mm grids
  • integrated current regulators for the individual LEDs
  • integrated reverse polarity protection up to 40V
  • beam angle of 120°

The module is mounted by gluing it onto a mounting profile / mounting plate. It should be noted that the circuit board is mounted in/on cooling profiles or thermally connected to a heat dissipating base area. This ensures optimum temperature management even under unfavourable ambient conditions.

Electrical Data

Supply 24V DC
Integrated reverse polarity protection yes - max. 40V reverse polarity voltage
Voltage min. 22.5V / max. 27V
Current typical 600mA / max. 660mA
Connection type board to board connector AVX 9159
Ambient temperature -20°C to +40°C
Life span depending on ambient temperature temperature Ts of LED 55°C: expected life span min. 50000h
Max. temperature at soldering point +65°C
Humidity 1-90% r. h. non-condensing
LED beam angle 120°
LED grid 11.5mm
Control inputs L-active (GND=ON) 1.2mA / colour channel per module
Material FR4

Design, Dimensions

Design LED built-in module
Dimensions WxH: 20x5mm, lengths: 120, 160, 180, 300 and 560mm

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation P09-1209-RGB / P09-1212-RGB / P09-1215-RGB / P09-1224-RGB / P09-1242-RGB / P09-1248-RGB
Article no. 86000232 / 86000231 / 86000230 / 86000228 / 86000229 / 86000190
Make ISYnet
Conformity CE

Pin Assignment

5-pole plug

+ Operating voltage
R Channel red
G Channel green
B Channel blue
- Operating voltage

Additional Equipment


  • Length 120mm: ISYnet - LED-Strip-P09-1209-RGB (Article no. 86000232)
  • Length 160mm: ISYnet - LED-Strip-P09-1212-RGB (Article no. 86000231)
  • Length 180mm: ISYnet - LED-Strip-P09-1215-RGB (Article no. 86000230)
  • Length 300mm: ISYnet - LED-Strip-P09-1224-RGB (Article no. 86000228)
  • Length 500mm: ISYnet - LED-Strip-P09-1242-RGB (Article no. 86000229)
  • Length 560mm: ISYnet - LED-Strip-P09-1248-RGB (Article no. 86000190)

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