The MA-PIX-BOOSTER-REG is a professional 3-channel DMX Booster (DMX amplifier, amplifies a DMX signal to 3 DMX outputs) in DIN rail-mounting housing for distribution installation. Designed for DMX and RS485 Pixelmaster protocols.

Quick Facts

  • 1 input RS485 DMX / Pixelmaster
  • 3 outputs RS485 DMX / Pixelmaster
  • input signal is converted into 3 output circuits
  • galvanically isolated

The Booster was developed for the control of several LED dimmers by Pixelmaster or DMX protocol at one source. The input signal is converted into 3 separate output circuits. These are galvanically isolated.

Electrical Data

Operating voltage 12-24V DC
Current consumption max. 200mA
Output driver 3 outputs RS485 DMX-BUS for 32 participants each
Cable length DMX-IN 100m, termination must be external
Cable length DMX-OUT 100m, termination must be external, 32 participants per output
Mounting floor duct, lamp installation or ceiling slot
Connection screw terminals max. 1.5mm²
Operating temperature -10°C...+50°C; max. ambient temperature +60°C
Storage temperature -25°C...+70°C
Humidity 0...85% r. h. non-condensing
Protection class in non-installed state IP 20

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design DIN rail-mounting plastic housing light grey, snap-on on 35mm DIN rail 3 HP
Dimensions WxHxD 53x90x59mm
Weight 85g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation MA-PIX-BOOSTER-REG
Article no. 80010015
Conformity CE

Function Indicators (LEDs on the Module)

redPowerOffNo operating voltage
OnOperating voltage, no error

Pin Assignment

4-pole plug below

+UB Operating voltage
0V 0V Operating voltage
DMX + DMX signal
DMX - DMX signal

2-pole plug top left

DMX + DMX signal (OUT1)
DMX - DMX signal (OUT1)

2-pole plug top center

DMX + DMX signal (OUT2)
DMX - DMX signal (OUT2)

2-pole plug top right

DMX + DMX signal (OUT3)
DMX - DMX signal (OUT3)



Article no.: 80010015

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