Our service covers the entire construction process from planning to execution. We advise you on control issues, support you in the further process with cable diagrams and circuit diagrams up to the final commissioning. Each system is provided with clean documentation so that the system can be easily expanded and maintained in the future.

If you wish, we can also continue to be your contact partner in the context of our ServicePlus maintenance contract.


Let our experienced and highly trained staff advise you on your requirements.


Together with our development partners, we have already been able to solve many demanding requirements. We are also happy to help you with your projects when it comes to dimmers and lighting controls.

Project engineering

We draw circuit diagrams, create overview diagrams as well as comprehensible operating instructions and program your system with our in-house ISYGLT technical team.


Our service technicians will be pleased to commission your system safely and reliably. This means that nothing stands in the way of a smooth acceptance and safe operation of the system.


As part of our ServicePlus concept, we also offer professional support for your system to ensure long-term and safe operation.