AUTOMATION: Switchgear Construction

Why switchgears from Seebacher?

From the very beginning (i.e. since 1986), we have been constructing switch cabinets for our projects.

Whether large floor-standing cabinets or small junction boxes, whether custom-made constructions or standardised junction boxes as series production. We can guarantee perfect implementation from Germany. Our production is technically best equipped and thanks to precise planning down to the smallest detail using WSCAD (software), we offer top quality at a good price. Every order is handled by our logistics department in a timely and cost-saving manner.


Quality of all components used:

We use the best, highest quality components for our system construction, as far as possible "Made in Germany".


Our systems pass the stress test with flying colours.
Due to good planning, no thermal or other problems arise later.


We know what systems have to perform.
And that's how we construct them!

Series or special production:

Our customers appreciate our quality, also in series production. Whether small systems for bio-solar houses and cinema halls in Kazakhstan or large switch cabinets for theatres, museums and commercial buildings.

Whether large or small: good even in series

In this way, a small control cabinet for the smart home sector is manufactured in a standardised manner. It is used to precisely regulate heating rods depending on the photovoltaic system in order to load surplus power into the buffer storage.

Measurement and control cabinet ASP with DEOS DDC controller, I/O modules and touch PC

State-of-the-art building automation neatly connected with craftsmanship.

Tested and found to be good!

Anlagenbau und Schaltschrankbau in deutscher Qualität.

High quality standards and tested function – let us advise you:

Johann Huber
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