Sales and Partners

Our most important partnerships:

  • 1986: When Paul Seebacher founded the company, there was no sales department of his own, so he worked closely with various trading partners. Among them the companies Auer GmbH, FERU GmbH and Engineering office elmarin Klaus Dose.
  • 1998:Light Technology distributes our products in the Netherlands and SE Lightmanagement AG since 2002 in Switzerland.
  • 2007: Seebacher has its own sales team.
  • 2011: Martin Daller becomes managing director and takes care of the sales topic. And so in 2014 a technology partnership between TRILUX and Seebacher will be concluded.
  • 2016: Sales will be split off into ISYfyd Systems GmbH and increased to offer our customers a stronger local presence.

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ISYfyd Systems GmbH - Sales and Consulting Germany and International

The desire for a stronger customer presence led to a split of the Seebacher company in May 2016. The sales team now operates under the name ISYfyd Systems GmbH with a strengthened team.


  • Technical advice for projects (also on site) 
  • Creating offers
  • Development of concepts
  • Commercial execution of the projects
  • Project management

Tel. Munich: +49 89 12501419-0
Tel. Berlin: +49 30 34655614-0
E-mail: office(at)

Your ISYfyd contact persons:

CEO & Founder

Christoph Melovski

Sales Manager South

Sales Manager North

Wolfgang Lorek

Light Technology Nederland - our competent partner in the Netherlands since 1998

In the Netherlands Light Technology with its partners equips ships and yachts, villas and SmartHome, schools, nursing homes, theatres, conference rooms, industry etc. with our ISYGLT system.


Your contact:

Tel: +31 13 59 00 130
E-mail: info(at)

Light Technology Nederland
Droogdokkeneiland 6
5026 SR Tilburg

se Lightmanagement - our partner in Switzerland since 2002

se is one of Switzerland's leading experts in lighting control and LED technology. Almost since the foundation of our company we represent se and the varintens products in Germany.

Since 2002 se has been our OEM partner and implements with adaptolux the most professional lighting control systems and LED lighting solutions in Switzerland and worldwide.


Your contact:

Tel: +41 56 418 76 11
Fax: +41 56 401 49 86
E-mail: info(at)

se Lightmanagement AG
Güterstrasse 11
Switzerland CH - 8957 Spreitenbach