Lighting Controls

Why a lighting control from Seebacher?

Lighting control has always been our core business. In this area, we have already implemented several thousand projects very successfully. We are in demand for projects such as churches, museums, event locations and exhibition halls, hotels and complex facade control systems. But we are also frequently found in the areas of research, education, industry, office and smart villa. Basically, whenever there is a particularly high demand for functionality, perfect dimming behaviour and colour mixing as well as failure safety.


Our 2 most important benefits

  • Quality of components: We use the best, highest quality components for controlling light "Made in Germany".
  • Know-How: We know how to manage and implement a project so that everything works in the end and all deadlines are met.

We solve almost all lighting control systems with the ISYGLT system, which we have been constantly developing with our partners since the early 1990s and which is one of the most advanced, flexible and reliable systems.



A few example applications that we regularly implement

  • Scene control
    Managing lighting circuits, functions and other devices in scenes and calling them up conveniently via touch panels, push-buttons or motion sensors is standard in almost all projects. We do not have any limitations regarding the quantity of scenes or the quantity of circuits per scene.
  • LED dimmer system for hall lighting
    With our LED dimmers, we can perfectly control any modern LED hall lighting. It can therefore be dimmed evenly and steplessly from below 0.01% up to 100%. Flicker-free and jerk-free.
    The dimmers are networked via the reliable ISYGLT BUS, bidirectional communication is possible. The hall lighting can then be easily and performantly integrated into events via the DMX interfaces.
  • DMX control
    The useful combination of stage technology and permanently installed elements (e.g. architectural lighting) in theatres, concert halls and multi-purpose halls is our absolute speciality. The high performance of ISYGLT components and our concept for setting up a system makes it failure-safe and multifunctional.
  • DALI light systems
    By integrating different types of DALI protocol into the DALI ISYGLT components, luminaires can be controlled in their individual function, e.g. RGB colour control, Tunable White, etc.. Here too, groups and scenes are assigned via the freely programmable ISYGLT system.
  • Daylight-dependent control
    Energy-saving and convenient method using light sensors in a wide variety of designs.
  • HCL
    We have been implementing controls in this area for more than 20 years. Previously referred to as 'circadian lighting control' or 'tunable white', the umbrella term 'Human Centric Lighting' is now in common use. We stay on and can flexibly implement wishes according to current research in order to optimally adapt light to people's needs.
  • Presence-dependent control
    Energy-saving and convenient method using motion sensors in a wide variety of designs and detection technologies (PIR, HF, camera, ...).
  • Profile control
    For example, individual light presets can be stored for each room user. In the best case, the control system learns via additional AI.


Our services


In the field of lighting control, we mainly work with our ISYGLT BUS system developed over 25 years ago.

Together with our partners, the system is constantly being further developed. Our advantage here is the quality of the components 'Made in Germany' and their flexibility – the be-all and end-all for a quick implementation of projects.

Especially the dimmers, DALI components and the sensors are crucial for a really functioning system.


  • We work with our own programming tools such as ProgrammDesigner® and TouchDesigner® for programming ISYGLT.
  • We have also been working with our own software for visualisation, building management systems and control via apps for 15 years: IPMS / IPMS2 visualisation
  • Otherwise, we programme OPEN FXL, html, JAVA and JAVA script, interfaces via node-red or gateways from MBS software and much more.


  • Consultation and conception
  • Project management
  • Documentation
  • System integration and interfaces
  • Programming and commissioning
  • Software caring and maintenance
  • 24/7 Hotline

We are your partner for your lighting project

For more than 30 years, we have been implementing the most demanding systems in the field of lighting control, building automation and building management systems. So we know exactly how to implement complex projects so that in the end it works reliably and schedules are met. We are particularly experienced in the field of lighting technology. We know what is important and what stumbling blocks there are.

Since the dimming of lamps at a high level is still not well implemented by the big brands, we have been producing specially developed dimmers for many years that harmonise perfectly in the system. From universal dimmers to flicker-free LED dimmers, we are very well equipped.

As one of our partners recently noted:

"Dimming LEDs is still a huge problem everywhere, so it's good that we can solve this problem with Seebacher dimmers."


We really have an idea about light and know how to control light perfectly.

Seebacher takes care of the project planning. By this we mean the complete system integration with proper documentation.


We take care of the systems in the long term through maintenance and caring and offer professional 24-hour support.

We can always solve individual adaptations very well in the shortest possible time with our own expertise and agile in-house working methods.

We attach high priority to good planning work, orderly and timely implementation, as well as comprehensive training and advice.

Customers therefore have a direct and competent contact person for their system right from the start.

Partners and Customers

We work together with many renowned partners and customers.

  • Sales and Project Management

    Light Management Expert - Switzerland

  • Our partner in the Netherlands

    Light Fashion

  • Event Light Multimedia

    Designing Light

  • TRILUX Simplify Your Light

    Kempinski Hotels & Resorts

  • Maritim Hotels

    High-tech photonics

  • Bavarian State Painting Collections

    A museum of the City of Munich

Your contact partners

Johann Haltmair
Phone: +49-8041-77776

Southern Germany

Ewald Burgenlehner
Consultant in External Sales

Phone: +49-8041-79385-203


Gerald Heise
Key Account Management and Consulting

Mobile: +49-171-3180192
Phone: +49-8041-79385-105

Partner multisenses GmbH:

Northern Germany

Wolfgang Lorek
Consultant in External Sales

Phone: +49-176-10012886


Light plays a central role in churches. You can create emotional moods with light. The lighting designer is responsible for the right light. We are responsible for ensuring that in the end everything works the way the planner, user and client envisage. We know how to get the maximum flexibility out of luminaires and how to dim them perfectly and without flickering. Our intuitive lighting control solution, which is easy to operate for every generation, makes it possible to call up a great scene for every occasion and even store new moods for additional events. It is important to us that the luminaires are controlled harmoniously so that, for example, scene transitions during a church service don't disturb visitors at all, but rather inspire them.

Besides our most famous church, the Sistine Chapel, we have already successfully implemented many other churches. These include, for example, the churches Ramersdorf, Ehingen, Birkenstein, Königsdorf, Giesing, Enzweihingen, Ludwigskirche Munich, Alter Peter Munich, Eschenau, Neckartailfingen, Bad Tölz, Effeltrich, St. Josef Holzkirchen, Harriesle, and many others...


Museums and galleries live from light. The basis for this is a flexible and absolutely reliable lighting system. Museum staff rely on harmonious room scenarios, technicians want to be able to easily adjust the scenarios and lighting circuits without programming knowledge when changing exhibitions. An essential point is the combination of lighting and sun protection systems to always create the right light in the room and to protect the works of art from dangerous levels of radiation. One of our specialities is the control of the light colour in combination with the ISYGLT colour light sensor. This way, the desired light is always achieved on the work of art - just as the artist saw it when painting!

Our projects: Buchheim Museum of Phantasy, Museum Island Berlin (almost all museums and the outdoor lighting), Museum Brandhorst, Lenbachhaus, Alte Pinakothek, NS Documentation Center, German Emigration Center Bremerhaven, Pomeranian State Museum and many others...


We often implement lighting control together with building automation for all areas of the hotel. Especially in foyers, conference rooms, ballrooms and restaurants, there is often a high demand for a really well-functioning control system that is flexible and easy to operate. For hotel rooms, we have developed truly intuitive solutions to make it as easy as possible for the guest to enjoy maximum comfort.

Our projects include many well-known hotels such as Hotel Adlon Berlin, Sonnenalp Resort Ofterschwang, DAS TEGERNSEE, Grand Elysee Hamburg, many Maritim Hotels, Marriot Munich, HO5 Schwabinger Wahrheit, Hotel Alex Zermatt, Beach Hotel Karlshagen, Vienna House Dresden, Kempinski Royal SPA Jochberg, AMERON Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort and many others...




In theaters, we can score points above all with the dimming quality of our dimmers and the high performance of the ISYGLT BUS system. Of course, our experience of over 3 decades is also very helpful in handling such projects. That is why we have a very good name in this branch.

What we do:
We ensure perfect dimming of the hall lighting from 0 to 100%, flicker-free and without faltering. From 0% means for us to really dim up the LEDs cleanly from at least 0.01%. With good LEDs in combination with our ANA dimmer, this is possible.

In addition, we enable simple control during normal operation (i.e. during rehearsals, cleaning, maintenance, etc.). At events, the lighting control room can take over control via the large lighting control consoles. In order to be able to use the system as a secondary console, the hurdle is usually very small.

Many renowned houses use our system and are very satisfied. Among them, for example, the Theater Ulm, Theater Bielefeld, Globe Theater Schwäbisch Hall, Planetarium Bad Tölz, Schauburg Munich, Cuvilliés Theater Munich, Residenztheater Munich, Theater Bremen, and many others.




In concert halls, we score with the high quality of our dimmers and the performance of the ISYGLT lighting control system. Our experience of over 3 decades is essential in handling such projects. We have established a very good name for ourselves in this branch.

Expertise: Our dimming of the hall lighting from 0 to 100% behaves absolutely flicker-free and perfectly! From 0% means for us to really dim up the LEDs cleanly from at least 0.01% away. Good LEDs in combination with our ANA dimmer make exactly that possible. The noise generated by the control gears in concert halls must also be taken into account. That's why the products we use don't contain fans - no "whirring" occurs during dimming.

User-friendly control during normal operation (rehearsals, cleaning, etc.) is mandatory. At concerts, on the other hand, the lighting control room can take over control via the large lighting control consoles, and our system is often used as a secondary console system.

References: Kulturpalast Dresden, The Metropolitan Opera NY, University of Music Würzburg, Opera Leipzig, University of Music Detmold, Operetta House Hamburg, Concert Hall Rossia, and many others.


Community centers and multi-purpose halls must be multifunctional. That means the possibility of using them for professional theater performances, concerts and other events should be just as given as for conferences, meetings, etc. We design the lighting control so intuitively that everyone can immediately cope with the most important functions such as On, Off, scene call-up and brighter/darker dimming. Flexible group or room interconnections must also be possible. For professional events, the on-site technology must harmonise perfectly with the event technology (DMX interface).

We have been implementing community centers and multi-purpose halls throughout Germany for almost 35 years. We design such a system to be practicable for any user group. Our clients are large cities as well as small municipalities, which often have more limited funds at their disposal.

An excerpt of our projects: Community Center Garching, Multi-purpose Hall Frauenau, Community Center Dudweiler, Herkulessaal Munich, eMotion Base Bad Tölz, Council Hall Holzkirchen, Conference Hall Bad Tölz, City Culture House Borna, City Hall Siegburg, Lausitz Hall Hoyerswerda, MS Weixdorf, Community Center Putzbrunn, Bavarian State Parliament, SEEFORUM Rottach, Brunnanger Hall Starnberg, Stadium Hall Spaichingen, and many others.