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Seebacher GmbH is an owner-managed family-owned company and is known in the industry as an innovator for lighting control and building automation. Thus Seebacher was able to intelligently connect the worlds of building and stage lighting right from the start and was the first to use a touch control panel for building control in 1997. The first systems with monitoring and fault message processing were implemented by the company in the same year. Today, one of the topics of the future in the field of light is circadian lighting. Seebacher already introduced the DA-04VM module in 2000, which controls warm white and cold white luminaires circadian. In 2005, the IP interface, the integrated web browser and a mail client followed.



Seebacher expands to Russia


Professionelle Lösung für Funk-BUS fertig. Mit einer direkten Anbindung von EnOcean an ISYGLT können wir viele EnOcean-Produkte einbinden, sowie ISYGLT-Dimmer oder DALI-EVGs per Funk via Mesh-Net ansteuern. 


IPMS2 in den ersten Anlagen im Einsatz. Partnerschaft mit 4-sol für Cloud-Lösungen und neo für eine komplett neue Möglichkeit als User Interface.

Außerdem beschäftigen wir uns intensiv mit den Themen Bluetooth, EnOcean und Indoor-Tracking und machen erste Prototypenanlagen.


Bester LED-Dimmer mit reiner Analog-Dimmung serienreif. In den ersten Projekten bereits erfolgreich im Einsatz.



Partnership contract ISYfyd


App for Android devices from Android version 4.0; Partnership agreement TX


Light + Building Launch of the first iOS app in the Apple App Store


Martin Daller becomes CEO


Martin Daller joins the company as technical project manager


IP master extension internal web server for PC and mobile devices iPhone etc.


First own platform-independent visualization - IPMS


First master with IP interface, web browser, mail client, WAP pages for GSM mobile phones


Deepening of the partnership Vertrieb CH now under the name se Lightmanagement ag; Presentation DA-04VM module for circadian light control (at that time with 1-10V)


First Light + Building Seebacher presents building automation from light management to intelligent sun shading; Realization of the Museum der Phantasie, 1000 BUS modules, intelligent shading, PC visualization, touch operation ...


Begin partnership Light Technology NL; first version of the Windows programming interface ProgramDesigners


Single-room temperature control; first ISYGLT PC visualization with WINLab; Hannover-Messe presentation touch operation, remote control with modem, message dispatch by fax (at the fair)


Start ISYGLT as successor to ISYBUS - now freely programmable; first system with multiple backbone networked masters


Presentation of ISYBUS at the Hannover Fair; Seitec GmbH becomes an exclusive supplier


Introduction of ISYBUS - remote control system and start of distribution partnerships with IB elmarin Klaus Dose, Fehring Licht und Decke, se starkstrom elektronik ag


Change of name to Seebacher GmbH and relocation to Bad Tölz


Partnership with Rudolf Auer GmbH, construction of conventional lighting control systems


Company founded in Gmund am Tegernsee by Paul Seebacher

Business segments

Our business is essentially divided into two segments: The components business and the project planning of entire control systems. As part of the components business, we develop series-ready modules for integration into lighting and building control systems. From our work in projects new requirements and improvements arise again and again, which we incorporate into our series products.

During the project planning of systems we support our customers from the first cost estimate to the successful acceptance of the project. We provide advice, draw up a specification for the programming and, if required, commission the system. We will be happy to maintain the system regularly afterwards.

Our customers benefit significantly from the combination of both business areas, as the experience from developmentand practice flows together. Because we incorporate our experience from projects and the requirements of the market into product development. We can also provide optimum support for planners and electricians because we know our products as well as the back of our hand and offer good service.

What is important to us

In addition to earning the money we need for our salaries and for new and further developments of our products, the following points are important to us:

We want to have fun at work:

It is important to us that we enjoy our work. You spend a large part of your time in the company and it is important to us to spend this time with interesting tasks together with nice colleagues and pleasant customers.

We need the challenge:

Simple projects would sometimes be nice, but actually we love to solve challenges with professionalism and perfection. 

We want to impress with our projects:

With pride we want to tell our friends, acquaintances and customers that we have supplied the controls for projects such as the Sistine Chapel, the Hotel Adlon and many famous museums and churches in Germany and worldwide and that they also work to the fullest satisfaction of our customers.

We want to leave the world in good conscience to our descendants:

That's why we pay attention to sustainability, a long service life for our products and the implementation of systems with the highest level of comfort while saving as much energy as possible.

We want to have an honest, open and trusting relationship with our customers and partners:

We don't cheat or trick anybody. Our work is honest and comprehensible.

We want to be better than the competition:

Be it the quality we deliver or the technical know-how we have, we always want to be one step ahead. We strive for perfection and to offer our customers added value.

Company structure Seebacher and ISYfyd Systems

The desire for a stronger customer presence led to a split of the Seebacher company in May 2016. The sales team now operates under the name ISYfyd Systems GmbH with a strengthened team. The aim is to provide them with even better and more intensive support. The technology, service and integration of the system in the projects will continue to be carried out by Seebacher GmbH. Seebacher also remains your contact for special developments and as a specialist dealer.

Manufacturer and system integrator

  • Specialized retailer of electronic components for light
  • Manufacturer BUS system ISYGLT
  • Manufacturer and specialized trade of dimmers
  • Programming
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance and service
  • Development of special solutions

Sales and consulting

  • Technical advice for projects (also on site) 
  • Creating offers
  • Development of concepts
  • Commercial execution of the projects
  • Project management


Product catalog

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Employees: 16
Bad Tölz
 approximately € 2.5 million / year
innovative and enthusiastic about technology

Distribution channel

our products and services are available from our

  • partners and our specialist companies on site
  • electrical wholesaler
  • electricians
    and selected
  • luminaire manufacturers

Others about us

"Only a small sign indicates the company. One would not immediately suspect that orders from all over the world are processed here. The list is long: The NS Documentation Centre in Munich, the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, the concert hall of the Dresden Palace of Culture, which was recently reopened after four years of construction" - Schneider, Petra: Tölzer company puts Michelangelo in the right light",

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 03.07.2017



"Seebacher" brings light into the darkness. The small Tölzer company is a specialist for intelligent lighting management and operates worldwide. Recently "Seebacher" has put the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican in the right light - Schnitzer, Christoph: "Buongiorno, said the Pope",

Merkur, 18.01.2015


Tel: +49 8041 7777 6



With our know-how from over 30 years of control and lighting technology, we also develop new products for you according to your requirements.


Consulting, planning support, circuit diagrams, specifications, operating instructions, programming, commissioning, ...

With us your project becomes reality!