Multifunctional room eMotion Base

Lighting and Control combined in a round concept

Quick Facts:

  • Uniform dimming of LED lighting
  • Intuitive operation via modern Touch-PC visualisation
  • Optional control via a professional stage lighting console
  • Impressive display of colour sequences on the facade of the building
  • Facade lighting dependent on current room usage
  • Intelligent control of underfloor heating depending on usage

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About the project

The Flinthöhe in Bad Tölz lights up: 1,500 LEDs and 16 million colours ensure that the eMotion Base, which opened in January 2017, shines in every imaginable colour. The multifunctional room for movement training is located above the ice stadium and is surrounded by an illuminable building envelope - a kind of Allianz Arena in mini format.

This is made possible by Seebacher's lighting control system and CE Späth's luminaire design, which are perfectly matched to each other. By pressing a button, eight stored light scenes and individual colours can be called up from the start page. Depending on the event, very different room impressions are created via the separately controlled room sections such as ceiling, wall and floor.

Among other things, the lighting scenes are set for the special requirements of sports kinesiology exercises. The preset colour sequences "Meridian circulation" and "Shen cycle" support the training. During certain exercises, the coloured light takes over supporting tasks that have an effect on our depth consciousness. This can influence and promote activity, relaxation and the targeted support of individual body systems. The versatile use of the room was brought into harmony with simple operation. On the start page of a modern touch control panel are the most important functions. Detailed functions are arranged on subordinate levels as well as administrative settings in the password-protected professional setting to ensure simple and intuitive operation.

Highlight Touch-PC operation

The company Seebacher revised its visualization design especially for the project eMotion Base and used it for the first time in this project. The contemporary design is based on modern app user interfaces and makes operation easier for the user.

The operation is as multifunctional as the use of the room. The list of user requirements and wishes contains some features, but everything is very easy to use because the operating functions are divided into different levels. It is mainly used on the start page, which contains the frequently used functions. Further functions such as the setting of colour sequences or the room temperature are operated in the submenus. In the password-protected settings, professional adjustments are made for lighting control and scene storage. At events, the entire lighting system can be operated via a DMX console.

The following ISYGLT modules were used:

  • MA-IP-2: Master Module
  • LED-04ECM-DMX-700 and -500: LED Dimmer
  • LED-04ECM-PM-DMX-500STR: LED Dimmer (PWM signal only, powerless)
  • PULS LED Power Supplies
  • DALI-16B: DALI Gateway (addressable)
  • UD-700-X2: Universal Dimmer
  • I/O-08B-230V-10A, I/O-04HD-230V-16A: Switching Actuators
  • DMX-512-16B: DMX Interface Module
  • Mini-PC: IPMS Visualisation Server
  • Touch-PC-CB-CAP: Touch-PC 10" with glass front
  • LSR-02: Daylight Sensor
  • BW-03-UP: Mini Motion Detector
  • IN-04U UP: BUS Coupler for Push-Buttons
  • WETTER-01: Combi Weather Station
  • SmartFade 1248: Light Control Console

Project participants

Builder: City of Bad Tölz
Architect: Krämmel Bauplan GmbH
Engineering office: Alischer Buchner Hoheisel 
Room-light design and luminaire design: CE Späth
Light control/building automation: Seebacher GmbH
Electrical installation: Hans Piel

Questions about the project?

Phone: +49-8041-77776
eMail: info(at)

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