A long-standing tradition for 100 years

Quick Facts:

  • Building sum: 30 Mio. €
  • Renovation/Refurbishment: 2010-2018
  • Opening: 2018, 16,000 m² wellness park, 4,000 m² indoor spa
  • Sonnenalp Resort

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Sonnenalp Resort

The hotel has been managed by the same family since 1919 - today Anna-Maria & Michael Fäßler are constantly working on the concept of a modern resort with a traditional character. More and more the focal points are crystallizing, which make the hotel the incomparable address in the alpine region: Wellness, culinary delights, golf and winter sports, combined with a wide range of amenities for families. Sonnenalp has been completely renovated in recent years and now shines in new splendour for its 100th birthday in 2019. The traditional 5-star luxury resort Sonnenalp in the Allgäu Alps is a year-round destination for connoisseurs, active people, wellness holidaymakers and golfers. Whether through the creative culinary art in various restaurants or the sun-drenched winter sports on world class level at the Ofterschwanger Horn - here every guest experiences his individual moment of well-being. Externally renovated and internally completely renovated, the entire resort awaits you with a harmonious combination of alpine and traditional elements as well as modern elegance crowned by loving details.

First-class feel-good factor

The rooms have been re-styled with natural materials such as wood and stone, creating unique moments of surprise. A symbiosis of colours and elements specially adapted to each room type gives each room its own unique charm. The outdoor wellness area was extended in 2018 with natural lakes, numerous sun decks, pools and a natural playground. A further highlight in the newly created wellness park is the nature spa for adults with log cabin and panorama sauna, large outdoor whirlpool and relaxation area with a picturesque view of the Ofterschwanger mountains. The holistic indoor spa programme ranges from soothing body and cosmetic treatments to activating fitness courses and medical wellness services. Also impressive is the colourful activity programme with up to 35 points from sport, culture and entertainment every week. Sonnenalp also offers Germany's largest hotel ski school in winter, three golf courses, its own Tennis Academy, a riding school and the rental of mountain bikes, e-bikes, trekking bikes and children's bikes of the best brands in summer. In addition, the award-winning children's and youth programme includes over 70 age-appropriate and adventurous activities, making the holiday unforgettable for the whole family.

The technical implementation

The time schedule of the project sections for these extensive conversion measures was as follows:

  • 19.07.2016: Completion of section 1: Bergfeuer (Bar & Lounge)
    First ISYGLT control at the Sonnenalp:
    • Scene control of two areas with one coloured panel each (panel 550x640mm, colour anodised, backed ground plan, push-button + slide control)
    • Connection to ventilation and gas radiant heaters
    • Integration of an external electro-acoustic system on the panel
    • Lighting switched, via addressable DALI and dimmed in power
  • 06.12.2017: Completion of section 2: Shops (3 Clothing Stores)
    • 3 small shops with a scene control each
    • Lighting switched and dimmed via broadcast DALI
  • 31.01.2018: Completion of section 3: Barbecue Restaurant and Buffet
    • Conversion of the existing panels to ISYGLT
    • Two areas with one panel and one scene control each
    • Lighting switched, via addressable DALI and dimmed in power
  • 20.04.2018: Completion of section 4: Entrance (Foyer) 
    • First ISYGLT touch control panel at the Sonnenalp
    • Scene control of the entrance hall on a large panel (panel 750x1040mm with backed floor plan and integrated WT-G 7")
    • Connection of loudspeakers, doors and skylight controls
    • Lighting switched, dimmed in power and with PWM (LED dimmer)
  • 12.06.2018: Completion of section 5: Anna's (Restaurant in the Wellness Area)
    • Scene control of two areas with one coloured panel each (panel: 340x370mm, coloured anodised, backed ground plan, button)
    • Connection to ventilation and gas radiant heater. Integration of an external electro-acoustic system on the panel­­­­­
    • Lighting switched, dimmed in power and with PWM (LED dimmer)
  • 06.07.2018: Completion of section 6: Spring Garden and Sauna Area 
    • Scene control via WT-G, lighting dimmed in power and with PWM (LED dimmer)

The following ISYGLT modules were used:

  • several CC-03-USB Compact Controllers
  • WT-G-07s Wall-Touch, glass black, 7" Touch Panels
  • UD-700-X2 Universal Dimmer 2x700W
  • TD-4000-BP Leading-Edge Dimmer 4000W/VA
  • LED-01E-PM-DMX-10000 1-channel Dimmer
  • DALI-16B
  • DSI/DALI-02B 
  • System Power Supplies
  • I/O-04B-230V-16A 4-way Switching Actuators
  • I/O-04B-230V-12A 4-way Switching Actuators
  • I/O-04H-230V-16A with emergency outputs
  • I/O-08B-230V-10A 8-way Switching Actuators 
  • I/O-08T-PNP Tableau modules
  • AD-02U-I/O-2 Flush-mounted modules
  • UPT-1SD-8T-0 BUS panels
  • WSM-01E
  • Weather Station: Weather Sensor Compact

Project participants

Builders: Anna-Maria & Michael Fäßler
Architects: Martin Unzeitig
Interior designer: Monika Hüttig
Light and electrical planning: illerTEC projektbüro GmbH
Executing electrical company: Elektro Kirsch GmbH
Lighting control: Seebacher GmbH


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