Why a complete solution from Seebacher?

Due to our competent partner network (also from the luminaire industry with standard luminaire manufacturers and special luminaire manufacturers) as well as the close cooperation with lighting planners and lighting designers, we also have the possibility to put together complete packages for our customers and thus ensure a smooth implementation. This means that you have a single point of contact: we make sure that the lighting and control system really works as intended.

Thus, as our customer, you can be sure that the control system, control gears, LEDs and construction are perfectly matched.

With many years of experience in project processing and handling supply chains, we always ensure on-time completion.

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Arguments for lighting solutions from our company

From practical applications


Light walls

LED light wall Bochum municipal utilities

  • Light wall consisting of many LED tiles (RGBW, 256 LEDs each) to replace fluorescent tubes with colour filters. The flat arrangement of the LEDs was done in such a way that a particularly homogeneous radiation was ensured. At the same time, the colours of the LED tiles have been adapted to human perception in such a way that a wide range of colour mixes is possible. The light scenarios designed by an artist can be exactly reproduced with the LED tiles, and a multitude of other scenarios, colour sequences, and lighting effects are also possible.

  • Operation / PC visualization: Convenient user interface that allows the operation of the light wall and thus the individual BUS functions to be controlled using the appropriate end devices (smartphone, tablet or desktop PC). The interaction concept is platform-independent and can therefore run on many different systems (Windows, Linux, etc.).

Facade lighting

Facade Bochum municipal utilities

  • Illumination of the light ring outside: Special RGBW profile luminaires provide perfect illumination of the glass surfaces on the high-rise building. These were designed for prestigious lighting.

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Cove Lighting and Indirect Lighting

Kitchens and Conference Rooms

... in large German company. 300 metres of RGBW LED luminaires are controlled via the ISYGLT system. Depending on the local situation, ISYGLT dimmers were chosen for ceiling insertion or centrally as a REG module. Special analogue LED dimmers without PWM frequencies were also used in some cases for the specific applications. Thus, they are 100% camera-compatible and do not affect the human sensibility.

Conversion kit iGuzzini wall light

Energy-saving improvement for the Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district office by LED conversion kits:

Fluorescent luminaires are converted to LED technology. An energy-efficient LED conversion kit for indirect lighting of corridors with a small direct downward light part was manufactured. The fixing was done fully compatible with the existing luminaire insert. The existing construction was continued to be used. The conversion kit was delivered ready for use and consists of the following fully assembled components:

1 round LED segment (indirect light), 86000527
1 LED stripe (direct part), 86000526
1 suitable LED control gear



Dimming the LEDs in the Bad Tölz planetarium to exactly 0%

The system is operated via a DMX light control console as well as two external buttons. As soon as the light control console is plugged in / switched on, the control system automatically detects the DMX signal and the individual lighting circuits can be controlled via the light control console.
If no DMX signal is detected, the system can be controlled via the two external buttons.

The particular challenge was to achieve the most possible stepless dimming with a minimal end point. Since the eye is highly sensitive in the necessary darkness in the planetarium and the dome is also an enormous light amplifier, there was an extremely high demand here for flicker-free and stepless dimming of the LEDs in the lowest range (partly at 0.001% of the maximum brightness). Here we pulled out all our technical stops.

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Galleries and Exhibitions

Renovation of the lighting in the Buchheim Museum of Phantasy:

We supplied and installed UNICO LED luminaires with Bartenbach reflectors in special housings suitable for the existing trunking systems. In this way, we achieved the best light quality and uniformity as well as the most flexible control options, which meet the requirements of the most diverse exhibitions.

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Film theatre and Cinema

LED technology at the Gloria Palast in Munich

Lighting design by Anne Batisweiler:

The special requirement here was that we had to manufacture and deliver many high-quality special luminaires at extremely short notice. With our partner network, we found great solutions here and everything went into operation on time.

Lighting scenes can be called up from the cinema control room via the cinema matrix. The pictogram luminaires are dimmed in normal operation via the ISYGLT LED dimmers. A sophisticated emergency concept integrates all parts of the general lighting into the safety lighting system. The powerless control of the LED cove lighting (approx. 60m) is carried out via only one ISYGLT LED driver. The auditorium lighting is dimmed with a pleasant changeover to the respective lighting moods depending on the cinema technics.

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Theatres and Event locations

LED technology in the Nuremberg Theatre

The lighting in the Nuremberg Theatre is controlled via the ISYGLT system. The luminaires in the auditorium are controlled via DALI as well as via DMX and our own LED dimmers. In addition, they can be stored in four scenes in combination with the three switchable sockets. A panic button is provided on the stage that immediately switches on the lighting at maximum brightness. The light then remains at 100% until the panic lighting in the sub-distribution is deactivated by means of a push-button.

A total of 254 linear meters of LED strips were supplied for the lighting running around the walls and ceiling (see first picture), corresponding to approx. 170 LED luminaires, which were custom-made with connecting cable, plug and socket. The 41 LED dimmers and power supply units required for control were placed in three central sub-distribution boards.

Sacral buildings

LED lighting solution in the Birkenstein Pilgrimage Chapel

The Maria Himmelfahrt Pilgrimage Chapel is located in the Fischbachau district of Birkenstein. It was built in 1710 by Johann Mayr, the Chapel of Mercy itself is a rectangular room with a barrel vault and is located on the upper floor. The furnishings of the Chapel of Mercy in Birkenstein are well worth seeing. Golden splendour is revealed to the visitor when looking at the backdrop-like high altar with the image of Mary with the Child Jesus.

Lighting concept, lighting planning and luminaire design development: CE Späth

For this, we manufactured the linear luminaires with the required lighting characteristics as well as the easy-to-use scene control.

LED lighting and control at St. George's

The fortified churchyard with the church of St. George is one of the best-preserved examples of late medieval fortified churches in Upper Franconia. In December 2018, the parish fulfilled its long-held wish for a new organ for the church. Thus, from May to December 2018, a comprehensive renovation of the church interior took place in advance. The architects Paptistella Hirschaid/Sassanfahrt were commissioned to carry out the renovation. The client was the Catholic Church Foundation Effeltrich.

The technical equipment of the church was extensively revised and thus brought into the present. In addition to new digital song displays and loudspeakers, the new lighting concept catches the visitor's eye. A large number of separately controllable luminaires and spotlights can be used to create a wide variety of lighting moods and to visualise the liturgical colours.

Architectural office: PAPTISTELLA
Lighting design: perspektive LICHT - Monika Kröner

LED lighting solution in the Ramersdorf church

Lighting planning and luminaire design development: CE Späth


Our services

Supply of special luminaires, standard luminaires and technology:

Control technology and LED dimmers are our speciality. For complete lighting solutions, we develop the perfect solution together with partners and deliver the complete system. We also gladly organise our German subcontractor partners for installations.

We also manufacture some special solutions here at the Bad Tölz site.

Programming and Commissioning:

  • We design the perfect solution so that it works permanently exactly as it should.
  • Our specialists programme the functions and test the system extensively during commissioning.

Services overview:

  • Consultation and conception
  • Project management
  • Assembly and connection work
  • Documentation
  • System integration and interfaces
  • Programming and commissioning
  • Software caring, maintenance
  • 24/7 Hotline

We are your partner for your lighting project

For more than 30 years, we have been implementing the most demanding installations in the field of lighting control, building automation and building management systems. So we know exactly how to carry out complex projects so that in the end it works reliably and schedules are met. We are particularly experienced in the sector of lighting technology. We know what is important and what stumbling blocks there are.

Thanks to our intensive cooperation in thousands of projects with lighting planners and luminaire manufacturers, we have the experience of how to approach a project so that finally everything works optimally and the light is just right.


"Dimming LEDs is still a huge problem everywhere, so it's good that we can solve this problem with Seebacher technology."

(...as one of our partners recently noted)

Since the dimming of lamps at a high level is still not well implemented by the big brands, we have been producing specially developed dimmers for many years that harmonise perfectly in the system. From universal dimmers to flicker-free LED dimmers, we are very well equipped.

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