Digitalisation in Building Technology

Why IoT and cloud solutions?

The next logical step. For many years, building technology and building control have been in a stage of development that we would call "static partial area automation". Although many sensors and actuators have already been installed here, the function programming is almost always static and an output signal is dependent on the set input parameters. Up to now, hardly any global data have been used and data from different systems are hardly ever put into relation with each other. Depending on the foresight and ability of the programmer and planner, systems function more or less efficiently. Optimisation, analysis or adaptation to changing conditions has so far taken place too little or is only carried out very subjectively on an individual basis. This could hardly be financed or even achieved with manpower.

With the new digital technologies such as global connectivity, cloud databases, the computing capacities available today, the software solutions and the many smart IoT devices, we are now reaching a new stage of development in building technology. The use of IoT and intelligent automation in buildings is thus becoming significantly more efficient and brings so much added value (also beyond building technology) that actually no building owner will think about installing conventionally any more.

We are happy that this leap is currently happening and that we can be at the front of many prototype systems.

Finally, "dynamic and intelligent full automation" with added value for everyone!


We cover these topic areas

  • IoT Cloud (database, dashboard, evaluation, ML and AI)
  • Digital AI Assistant (the new ultimate user interface)
  • Tracking (indoor navigation, asset tracking, people tracking)
  • Networking of Systems (combine data from different systems and global information in a meaningful and correctly formatted way.)
  • IoT Devices (like professional sensors (e.g. LoRa), controllers, gateways, ...)


Our services

We are your "DIGITAL ARCHITECT" and offer everything from planning to consulting, execution, service, support...


  • Consultation and conception
  • Planning and tendering
  • Project management and organisation of partner companies and external providers
  • System integration and interfaces
  • Programming and commissioning
  • Documentation
  • Software caring and maintenance
  • 24/7 Hotline


  • Visualisation, building management system
  • Digital AI assistant neo / ISY4you
  • Cloud database for cloud server or local
  • Dashboards
  • Automatic evaluation of historical data
  • Automated optimisation by "Machine Learning" and AI
  • Reporting management


  • Components lighting control and building automation
  • Sensors radio and wired
  • BLE Beacons
  • Gateways and terminals
  • IT technology for technical building infrastructure
  • LTE router

Added value

The ISY4 IoT Gateway as the management centre for all communication

This is how the ISY4 IoT Gateway works:

The ISY4 IoT gateway is always the central communication node in our installations. This is where data is recorded, processed (e.g. converted to another format for another protocol), forwarded and also organised (e.g. polling intervals). The IoT gateway is also used as a short-term intermediate buffering of data points.

In addition, we also use the gateway as a secure remote access via VPN tunnel for remote maintenance and changes.


A few examples of application:
  • Data exchange AI assistant and building technology for all polling and commands
  • OCPP interface for e-mobility charging stations, e.g. to connect the inverter of the PV system (with battery storage if necessary) to the wallbox. In this way, charging only takes place when sufficient current is available from the PV system.
  • Connection of various building automation systems, BUS systems and building management systems.
    • DEOS
    • KNX/IP
    • BACnet IP
    • Loxone
    • Crestron
    • LCN
    • Modbus and Modbus TCP/IP
    • OPC
    • Sonos
    • wireless M-Bus
    • and much more
  • Connection of various IoT devices via the following protocols:
    • http
    • MQTT
    • LoRa / LORAWAN
    • REST
    • GraphQL
    • Bluetooth / BLE
    • and much more
  • Data exchange with cloud solutions
    • aedifion - cloud platform for optimised building operation
    • 4IoT Cloud
    • Watson IoT
    • ThingIT
    • AWS
    • and many other APP connections and cloud servers
  • Data exchange with IoT devices and smart home devices
    • Household appliances, such as washing machines
    • CO2 sensors
    • Access systems

That's why we are your solution partner:

We have been developing sophisticated systems in the field of lighting control, building automation and building management systems for over 30 years. So we know exactly how to implement complex projects so that in the end it works reliably and schedules are met. For some years now, we have of course also been intensively involved with the new technologies and possibilities of digitalisation. Now we are reaching a point where we know which tasks we solve in which way and which (IoT) products we use in order to successfully implement a project.

We cooperate intensively with software and hardware manufacturers who specialise in professional solutions. We also develop some things ourselves.


Seebacher takes care of the complete system integration as well as maintenance, caring and 24-hour support.


Customers therefore have a direct and competent contact person for their system right from the start.

Individual adaptations we can usually solve very efficiently in intensive cooperation. The technical expertise is available in-house.


For system integration, we put high importance on good planning work, orderly and timely implementation, as well as comprehensive training and advice.

Your contact person around these topics

Martin Daller
Phone: +49-8041-77776

I look forward to your enquiry!


Examples of IoT cloud applications

  1. Intelligent access control: Using the data to optimise building control, cleaning, shared desktop
  2. People, system and route tracking
  3. Use of rooms, workplace, equipment, machines, etc.
  4. User experience: Using the data for more service or for show purposes
  5. Optimise heating/cooling taking into account weather forecasts, current electricity or fuel costs, room usage, personal profiles, etc.
  6. COVID-19 specific:
    - Push messages about capacity overflow to allow security staff to intervene
    - Disinfection alarm via mobile phone when a people count threshold is reached
  7. Preventive maintenance and optimisation
  8. Occupancy and behaviour-based energy management

9. Anomaly detection in a building (can also detect faults that were not previously defined)

10. Improve security in case of natural disasters (send warning to local system to start emergency scenario)

11. Supervision of maintenance work

12. Data-driven property and district management

13. ERP/CRM integration / automated administration / facility management services

14. Secure data hosting

15. Integration of smart IoT devices (evaluation and use of this data):
- e.g. geographical data via iPhone
- smart personal health devices

16. Learning from usage and individual settings and adjusting parameters, such as light scenes/presets, which are regularly adjusted when the usage or the user of the room changes.

17. Evaluate camera data

ISY4 Solution Partner

  • 4IoT Cloud Solution

    Digital AI Assistant

  • Sales and Project Management

    aedifion - Cloud platform for optimised building operation

  • Technology for Smart Buildings

    EnOcean Radio Technology

Application examples:

'neo', personal assistant in the hotel