Hotel "Das Tegernsee"

Quick Facts:

  • Luxury hotel with spa at Tegernsee
  • Control of rooms and conference rooms
  • Dimming with specially developed BUS rotary potentiometer DPI-01
  • Opening: 2013
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Relax in the right light

Between heaven and earth is the hotel "Das Tegernsee". As a guest you can retreat there and enjoy. Immerse yourself in this hotel world with individual handwriting and elegant design. Here you can feel a deep connection with the surrounding region and nature. Every place in the hotel - whether restaurant, bar, spa or conference area - captivates with the best view of Tegernsee and its very own attraction force.

Flexible room design

Scenic lighting control of several conference rooms, some of which can be partitioned off with a partition wall. Intelligent interconnection of the room parts to minimize the operating effort. The scenes can be set and recalled via the room controller. Everyday operation is carried out via control panels with touchscreens and radio remote controls. The media technology of the rooms was linked to our control system, thus providing a consistent operating structure.

Control of the room

The lighting control of the hotel rooms is activated via the guest's access card. This is made possible by a contact between the card reader and our system. With digital rotary potentiometers, guests can dim the light quickly and conveniently. At the bed there is a master switch, which switches off the complete light of the room on request or serves to activate the night light.

More information about the hotel

The following ISYGLT modules were used:

  • MA-3S-BR and MC-0: master modules
  • DA-03D-230V-OUT2: 1-10V modules
  • UD-500/BP: universal dimmer
  • I/O-08B-xxA: switching modules for connecting buttons and switching circuits
  • ASCII-LINK: Control of the media technology
  • DPI-01: Digital rotary potentiometer

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