"If it really has to work, we'll get Seebacher"

Lighting Control. Lighting Installations. Building Automation. Building Management System. IoT.

Do you have demanding control tasks, major projects or simply want a professional and functioning implementation?

We now have 35 years of experience in the implementation of special projects in the field of lighting control and building automation. We always ensure that the projects run smoothly and have the claim that everything works perfectly and permanently in the end. We love exciting and special projects and do our best to ensure that everyone is satisfied and proud of them.

Here are our most important services and why we are the best at them:


Let our experienced and highly trained staff advise you on your requirements.

We are a constant in our industry:

For over 3 decades, we have been involved in the most demanding projects and are responsible for making sure that everything really works. We know from experience what matters in large projects.

Technologically, we always deal with the latest topics and are mostly on board for the first prototype projects.

Customer Testimonials:

  • "Research with light also means constantly developing new things and testing them for practical use. To do this, we need flexible control systems that are also particularly reliable. ISYGLT meets these requirements in a special way and is our first choice when it comes to practical use."

    Prof. Dr. Herbert Plischke, Munich University

  • "Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation with Seebacher. I am looking forward to many more great joint projects!"

    Ing. M. Bamberger, www.ibamberger.de

We are 'special', which means we listen carefully:

  • Our technical advisors in the field service come to you on site or to the construction site
  • You will receive cost statements from us within the shortest time possible
  • Our partners, suppliers and developers are a well-coordinated team with which we can reliably scale services





We are experts in these special fields:

  • Lighting control and perfect dimming
  • Building automation and BMS
  • BUS technology and radio (EnOcean, BLE)
  • Conception of lighting systems
  • Digitalisation in technical building equipment
  • Interfaces and IoT

This is how we support with material:

  • Transparent cost estimate and timely offer
  • Project-specific documentation, such as cable diagrams
  • Support to the call for tenders



Main focus: Technical consulting for major customers, project management at home and abroad, elaboration of concepts and offers.
"The more unusual the requirements, the more specific the project solutions!"

Tel.: +49-8041-79385-221



HCL, DMX, DALI, BLE, EnOcean or "I am not sure"? I look forward to your project idea, initial information about it and a personal conversation with you.

Tel.: +49-171-3180192



I have been working as a consultant in the field of professional lighting control systems for my entire professional career. Solutions are needed that fit the requirements. I would also be happy to visit you on site.

Tel.: +49-821-4532532

System Integration Lighting Technology, Control Technology, Automation

Project Management and Technical Project Processing

Our system technicians ensure that the project runs smoothly.

We know how to implement a project efficiently so that in the end everything works as planned and also that the appropriate documentation is filed.

We achieve this with our own top project team, consisting of the best project managers, programmers, service technicians and CAD draughtsmen. The team constantly exchanges information with each other intensively and all employees receive regular training. This enables us to provide the best performance at reasonable costs.


We are convinced and enthusiastic about the exciting projects and our technology:

  • You will receive contact persons directly from the technology department.
  • We supply quality. That is why precise documentation is also important to us.
  • We always work in close coordination with our partners, suppliers and developers on projects.





From our house:

  • CAD plans
  • Commissioning
  • Control construction
  • Technical processing
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • Assembly and installation work I&C engineering / building automation
  • Documentation
  • Wiring diagram / system diagram
  • Comprehensive tests in advance at the factory
  • Mechanical / mechatronic work
  • Maintenance and service (remote maintenance has been standard with us for over 15 years)



Main focus: Order preparation, project management for major projects, system programming
"Smooth project execution is my goal. This includes careful and conscientious processing in all project phases."

Tel.: +49-8041-79385-111



Main focus: Project management, conception, development, system planning
"Attention to the needs of our clients, coupled with a high level of competence and experience. Together we design "state of the art" projects."

Tel.: +49-8041-79385-172



"After almost five years, I am back in the Seebacher team and would like to implement many interesting projects here in a goal-oriented and committed manner."

Tel.: +49-8041-79385-224



Tel.: +49-8041-79385-102


Programming and IT Infrastructure

We draw circuit diagrams, create overview schematics as well as comprehensible operating instructions and programme your system with our in-house ISYGLT technician team.

  • Programming building automation
  • Programming lighting control
  • Setting up cloud solutions
  • Programming BMS / Visualisation
  • Surface design visualisation
  • Design UI / UX
  • Installation server, PC, switch, router, AP, ...

Organisational and Commercial Processing

  • On-time processing
  • Organisation suppliers
  • Clear billing
  • Project management
  • Budget compliance
  • A lot of experience with project processing internationally as well
  • Briefing

Development and Manufacturing

With our development partners, we have already been able to solve many demanding requirements. We are also glad to help with your projects when it comes to dimmers and lighting controls.

  • Development of dimmers
  • Development of lighting control components
  • Analysis
  • Prototype construction
  • Series production of small batches

Long-term Customer & Project Support

  • Maintenance
  • Hotline
  • Hotline 24/7 with maintenance contract: As part of our ServicePlus concept, we also offer professional support for your system to ensure long-term and safe operation.
  • Software care
  • Service on site

Our Services:

Technical Hotline

Phone: +49-8041-77776
Mail: info(at)seebacher.de

Your request will be processed as soon as possible.


You will also find many answers in our forum. We look forward to your questions and contributions.

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Support Remote Maintenance

Teamviewer Remote Access

For the lucky owners of an ISYGLT system with Internet connection, this provides a fast and secure remote maintenance option for troubleshooting and change requests. With Teamviewer Support we can access your PC directly. Simply download, start and tell us the ID.

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ServicePlus Maintenance Contract

For simple and convenient processing, it is best to conclude a ServicePlus contract.

Technical Reports

Advice and planning support

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Pay via PayPal / Credit card

You can pay your invoice via PayPal very easily. It is also an easy and fast way to pay with your credit card.

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