Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin

A lighting control system for stars and starlets

Quick Facts:

  • Renovation for six million €
  • 1500 DALI addresses and 110 dimming circuits
  • Control of the lobby with cassette ceiling, reception, bar, walkway, fireside lounge and gourmet room
  • Highlight cassette ceiling: Graduation of lighting inwards
  • Dimming of the LED retrofit lamps of the chandeliers via our Universal Dimmer
  • Feedback via safety lighting

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About the project

The lobby of the hotel Adlon shines in new glory:

In just three months, the entire lobby was completely renovated and reopened at the end of 2016. From the carpet to the lighting and its control to the furniture, the area was redesigned. The renovation was carried out without interrupting operations and was implemented with a total investment of six million euros.

The hotel Adlon Kempinski is one of the most famous hotels in Germany. Among the guests are numerous celebrities and also the former US President Obama spent the night there again in November 2016. The hotel is located directly at the Brandenburg Gate and is only a few steps away from the government quarter. The hotel has a total of 307 rooms, 78 suites, three restaurants, two bars as well as further event rooms and a spa area.

Together with our partner office BWE Bodo Werner, we supplied, programmed and commissioned the lighting control components. The fireside lounge and the lobby were equipped in two construction phases. The LED retrofit lamps in the "Chandeliers" are controlled homogeneously and flicker-free via our Universal Dimmer. The absolute highlight for the lighting is the cassette ceiling. The individual cassettes are illuminated with LED strips, which are controlled separately. A total of 1500 DALI addresses and 110 dimming circuits have therefore been assigned. The cassette ceiling and its lighting can be coordinated in a very special way. As desired by the customer, the lighting becomes brighter with each circle inwards. Thus the depth comes particularly to the validity. In the professional setting on the Touch-PC, the nuances for each circle can be precisely defined.

Short introduction: What is Human Centric Lighting (HCL)?

The light in which we find ourselves has an influence on our sleep-wake rhythm. One also often speaks of the "biological effect". This depends to a large extent on the colour temperature and illuminance. The bluish part in the light suppresses the "sleep hormone" melatonin. Accordingly, light has an activating effect on us. The reddish-yellow part in the light promotes relaxation and lets us come to rest. It is a fact that the lighting frequently used up to now with only one colour temperature is unhealthy. For healthy lighting, the warm white and cold white light - matched to our biorhythm - must alternate.

Healthy lighting with an intelligent control system

The lighting of the cassette ceiling in the hotel Adlon follows this knowledge, why warm white and cold white LEDs were used. By mixing these colours, the colour temperature of the sun can be reproduced at any time of the day. The current colour temperature of the daylight is measured with an outdoor light sensor and automatically set in the interior.

Thus the colour temperature changes analogously to natural daylight and promotes the healthy sleep-wake rhythm. The adjustment of the colour temperature can also be adjusted at will for purely decorative purposes.

Various lighting scenes are also available for day, evening and night lighting. Thus, too grey days in the interior can be deliberately changed. The nights are bridged with light scenes, since no sunlight is available.

The following ISYGLT modules were used:

  • MA-IP-2: Master Module
  • DALI-16B: DALI Gateway (addressable)
  • UD-700-X2: Universal Dimmer
  • I/O-04B-230V-16A, I/O-04H-230V-16A: Switching Actuators
  • DMX-512-16B: DMX Interface Module
  • LED-01E-PM-DMX-10000: 1-channel LED Dimmer (voltage-controlled)
  • Touch-PC-CB-CAP: Touch-PC 10" with glass front
  • Mini-PC: IPMS Visualisation Server
  • IN-04U: Push-Button Interface
  • LS-04: Brightness and Colour Temperature Sensor

Project participants

Builder: Kempinski AG
Interior designer: Anne Maria Jagdfeld
Light planner: L-Plan
System partner Seebacher: BWE Bodo Werner (Dipl.-Ing.)
Lighting control: Seebacher GmbH
Technical building equipment planner: service engineer - INGENIEURBÜRO WELTZER

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