Climar Lighting

Our partner Climar Lighting is a lighting manufacturer from Portugal with 30 years of history and a passion for high quality and be-spoke solutions. This collaboration enables us to create customised lighting solutions. This is convincing both functionally and visually.

Seebacher GmbH is your partner for Climar Lighting solutions in Germany.



Light plays an essential role and contributes to the individuality of a room.

An ideal solution is one that adds a distinctive touch to architecture through its possible applications. The presence of architectural lighting enables: unique illumination of an object, emphasis of architectural lines, natural daylight perception (Tunable White), visual comfort through glare limitation (UGR) or differentiation through design.



TAILOR MADE EXAMPLES: Climar Lighting is dedicated to the realisation of outstanding lighting projects based on architectural specifications. The creation process is essentially interdisciplinary and complex, involving a wide range of professionals: Each project is designed with authenticity and a unique touch, each piece being a challenge and a fascinating exercise. Climar competently forges its own innovative paths.



The world of Climar Lighting is all about history, ambience and moments to remember: Lighting projects created with know-how and passion for details. Lighting culture and solution-orientation combine human vision with a special attention to the new demands of the future. Climar's goal is nothing less than the most refined and sophisticated solutions for the hotel industry.