Components for lighting control

Components with interfaces of DALI, DMX and (0)1-10V for integration into ISYGLT and other systems such as KNX, LON, Crestron, LCN, BACnet, etc.


Universal dimmer with automatic load detection, leading-edge phase dimmer and trailing-edge phase dimmer. LED dimmer with constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) for controlling LED strips or power LEDs.

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LED strips and LED panels with very good colour rendering index and high efficiency. For renovation of illuminated ceilings or installation in furniture and room elements.

To the LED Stripes and LED Panels

Compact systems for individual rooms and small lighting controls. For controlling lighting with DALI ballasts and lighting with warm white and cool white components - Human Centric Lighting (HCL).

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Proven system power supplies for building automation and high-quality power supplies especially for LED applications. With low heat generation, highest efficiency and small design for DIN rail mounting.

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Timer and installation relays, modules for monitoring voltage, current and temperature, impulse switches as well as timers and other monitoring relays.

To the relays and switching devices

Additional circuits for dimmers, switch-on current limiters, potentiometers, 0-10V/1-10V converters, 1-10V amplifiers, and much more...

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Lighting and control technology for stage applications: Lens spotlights, profile spotlights, tracking spotlights, PAR spotlights, lighting consoles, dimmers and DMX components such as mergers, splitters and boosters.

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Accessories for robust metal panels: Indicator lights, push buttons, push switches, blind covers, calottes, rotary switches, key switches and key switches, front frames, lockable buttons and switches, contact elements and illuminants.

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