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Why choose an HVAC control or building management system (BMS) from Seebacher?

Building Automation Made in Germany: With many years of experience in implementing projects, we can execute any size client project on time so that it really works!
In the last years we implemented repeatedly large systems for the control of HVAC and measurement and control technology. Although the projects were implemented very successfully, we recognised that ISYGLT is not ideally suited here for standard applications due to missing templates and strong focus on lighting controls. Therefore we became a system partner of the leading German manufacturer for building automation, DEOS AG.

As a regional system partner, we are now authorized to use the DEOS system components professionally. The standard interfaces integrated in DEOS, such as BACnet, and the ready-to-use macros allow us from now on to implement them highly efficiently in commercial properties. In this way, we can excellently cover the area of building automation and building management systems for all types of larger buildings. Also we want to participate thereby again gladly in standard tenders.

In the field of energy management, we have been working with NZR for a few years and have already implemented a few interesting projects in the hotel sector. A nice example of this is the Hotel Sonnenalp Resort in the Allgäu. DEOS solutions are also very promising in this area and we will decide on a project-specific basis which solution fits best.

We have a team that focuses intensively on the field of measurement and control technology for HVAC and further smart solutions and has the corresponding experience and know-how. Thus, it will be your preferred project partner regionally in the area of Munich, Bad Tölz, Rosenheim, Miesbach, Starnberg, Weilheim, Garmisch.


We attach much importance to professional and sustainable manufacturing in Germany and here we have the certainty that a competent team of developers is behind a system that is constantly being further developed.

Martin Daller about DEOS

We cover these areas:

Building Automation

With DEOS, we work with central controllers (DDC), as we are already used to from ISYGLT. The controller as central intelligence in the building ensures efficient and safe function. The DEOS OPEN EMS are already "cloud-ready" and specialised in HVAC applications. The main task of the automation stations is the control, regulation and monitoring of your building technology systems in the energetic optimum. The OPEN EMS platform promises to reduce energy costs in the building and at the same time increase comfort for the building users. To ensure IT security in the building, these DDC controllers are equipped with an innovative firewall that meets the highest security standards.

From the low-cost compact controller to the powerful native BACnet building controller (B-BC) with redundancy solution, we have the optimal DDC controller for your project with the DEOS portfolio. For peripherals, DEOS has a perfect selection of IO modules, operator devices, sensors, drives and valves as well as local priority operating levels (LVB) and gateways.

Room Automation

As a sub-discipline of building automation, room automation is becoming increasingly important. The increasingly stringent energy efficiency targets of the EU member states can only be achieved in the future through the holistic automation of buildings. With the DEOS system, we link conventional system automation with intelligent room automation, whereby enormous savings potentials can be used and energy requirements can thus be reduced by up to 40%. In addition to energy efficiency, our customers also benefit from an optimised indoor climate thanks to the OPENdynamics ventilation control system patented by DEOS. This increases the well-being of the people in the building. With DEOS building solutions, we offer you room automation concepts that take into account the individual requirements of each room.


  • BACnet communication
  • Comprehensive and flexible
  • Simple modernisation
  • Individually applicable
  • VDI 3813 & EN 15232
  • Fast, effective and faultless implementation through ready-to-use macros

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Management Software

With DEOS, we are also optimally equipped with software solutions for building management systems, energy management software and other apps.

The web-based and B-AWS certified BACnet building management system (BMS) OPENweb specialises in the monitoring and control of HVAC systems as well as zone and room control in the building - from the local computer or also location-independently via mobile end devices. This way, you always keep an eye on your building with the graphic visualisation and additionally ensure operation at the energetic optimum with our intelligent control strategy. System faults and alarms are communicated directly via the internal Event Control Center (ECC) and can be sent to your service staff via the DEOS Secure AlarmApp.

Whether offices, hotels, schools or leisure pools – thanks to the scalability of OPENweb, the software is suitable for almost any project. From the smallest application to large and complex projects with redundancy requirements. Decide for yourself whether OPENweb should be implemented locally on your computer or as a modern cloud solution. Thanks to the cloud solution, even small building automation projects from 100 data points benefit from a fully comprehensive BMS.

With mobile apps from DEOS, you keep your flexibility in your everyday work. Monitor, control and maintain your HVAC systems and general building automation from any location and at any time. Our apps offer an intuitive operating concept with optimised displays, secure and easy access to your HVAC systems and support in technical system service.

The following apps are currently available:

  • Secure AlarmApp DEOS (Android & iOS) – Alarm management for service optimisation
  • OPENweb App DEOS (Android) – System monitoring and control
  • OPENview App DEOS (Android) – Controller monitoring and control
  • IPMS-App ISYGLT (iOS) – Connection to IPMS server, all display and operating options, all function controls with all parameters
  • neo - digital AI assistant – The most modern and innovative solution for interacting with the building

Gebäudeleittechnik mit DEOS OPENweb

Alarm Management

Whether it's the upcoming modernisation of an existing HVAC system or the planning of a new project of technical building equipment: a large part of the costs of a building are incurred over the years for building operation. There is great potential for building owners to make savings here, which can be used with our modern and digital building automation solutions. The primary target is therefore the operation of the building in the energetic optimum. In order to achieve this state and ensure efficient operation, we offer a modern solution in the field of alarm management (DEOS) in building automation. The core of this digital solution is our cloud-based IoT platform. All messages from the integrated HVAC and technical building equipment components reach our DEOS IoT platform via various detectors and are forwarded from there to CAFM systems such as the DEOS Secure AlarmApp as push messages. This way, you always have an overview, can act quickly in the case of a malfunction and reduce downtimes to a minimum.

With the message gateway, we can also retrofit and integrate a professional alarm management system for all HVAC / technical building equipment systems, regardless of the manufacturer. The gateway uses the standard BACnet protocol for this purpose.


Energy Management

For all businesses that have larger peak loads, a professional energy management system is actually mandatory. Investments usually pay for themselves very quickly. In the last few years, we have looked a lot into the needs of hotels and how to integrate a proper energy management system there. But we can also offer optimal solutions for the office, manufacturing, hospital, logistics, etc. sectors.

We have the option of installing a system locally on site or using a cloud solution. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, whereby the future definitely lies in cloud solutions. Especially in terms of computing power, costs and IT security, you have a clear advantage with a cloud solution.

  • How do we implement your project?

    Your requirements and your possibilities form the guidelines for the optimal solution. We are happy to develop these together in intensive cooperation. For example, we can set up a load management system with 16 priorities. All actuators that switch loads with the ISYGLT or DEOS system are then directly assigned with priorities to be automatically switched on or off as needed. This way, even hundreds of loads can be optimally controlled.

    Or we integrate OPENenergy from DEOS and create an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 that helps to prevent energy waste. The innovative DEOS control system saves energy where it is not currently needed - "because the best energy is the energy that is not consumed". In addition, consumption in the building is optimised and controlled more efficiently in order to drastically reduce the energy demand for heating, ventilation and lighting. These two aspects provide enormous savings potential. The energy consumption data is always kept in view with a clear dashboard; the reports can be created very easily by the user.

  • Overview of functions:

    • Load management system
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Recording, evaluation and monitoring of meter readings and trend data
    • Structured collection of energy data
    • Change logging
    • Visualisation and evaluation via the user-specific dashboard
    • Manual meter reading
    • Multilingual software structure
    • Integration of time zones
    • Limit value monitoring
    • Automatic sending of reports
    • Individual building / property structure
    • Report and gadget presets
    • Dashboard in presentation mode
    • Individual reports

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Our services


  • Consultation and conception
  • Project management
  • Circuit diagrams with WSCAD, CAD drawings in dwg or dxf, documentation (specifications, operating instructions, overview diagram)
  • System integration and interfaces
  • Connection work on site by our own system technicians
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • For further work such as laying cables, assembly and installation work on site, we rely on proven subcontractors. On-site supervision and construction management is, of course, carried out by our own staff.
  • Programming and commissioning
  • Software caring and maintenance
  • 24/7 Hotline


For all software applications, servers and apps, we use ready-made, tested systems that are also maintained in the long term: from DEOS, NZR and partly our own servers and apps. For special applications, we can carry out smaller software developments or adaptations.

Absolutely reliable and secure operation, as well as operation that requires no "manual", is company standard. This includes our responsive support directly from the software department.


We supply all the necessary components such as:

  • Actuators, IO modules, drives
  • Sensors
  • Controller
  • Load management system as a module
  • Gateways
  • Operating devices and (touch-)displays
  • IT infrastructure required (partially)
  • Equipment from ISYGLT, DEOS, NZR and a few other well-known brands such as Thermokon, S+S, etc.

We are your partner for your building automation project in the region

We have been realising highly professional systems in the field of lighting control, building automation and building management systems for over 30 years. Implementing complex projects functionally reliably and on schedule is our daily business. Our services in the field of automation and control technology have experienced a massive surge in development in recent years and now cover all areas of building technology. We used to implement HVAC systems with our own control system. In the meantime, we are better positioned, especially through our partnership with DEOS. This enables us to implement all building automation requirements professionally and cost-effectively.

For the coming projects we are optimally equipped and would like to realise your next project together with you.

We take care of the professional and cost-conscious system integration of building automation and ensure maximum energy and resource savings.

Sanierung der Heizungssteuerung, Lüftung, Gebäudeautomation

Sie haben eine etwas in die Jahre gekommene Anlage und möchte diese zukunftsfähig sanieren? 

Sehr gern sind wir Ihr Partner und machen Ihnen ein kostenloses und unverbindliches Angebot um Ihre alte SIEMENS, LON, PRIVA, SAIA, Beckhoff, Kieback&Peter oder ähnlich Anlage wieder auf aktuellen Stand zu bringen. Oft können Feldgeräte wie Sensoren weiter verwendet werden und es werden nur die Controller und IOs in den Zentralen ersetzt.

Mit einer Umrüstung auf eine DEOS Gebäudeautomation und Gebäudeleittechnik ist man dann sicher und effizient für die Zukunft gerüstet.

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