TH25 Rotary Switch IP40 "1 2" palpating


Installation is not possible without front frame and contact element.

(See Additional Equipment and Variants)

Technical Data

Switching mechanism Heart curve control
Actuating force Circa 2.5N (with one contact element)
Button mounting Central, by means of union nut made of metal
Protection class IP40
Front frame material Thermoplastic or aluminium alloy made of metal
Operating temperature -30°C to +55°C
Service life (mechanical) 1,000,000 switching cycles
Contact element 5A Plug-on mounting provided by customer
Housing material Duroplast, self-extinguishing (UL 94 V0)
Contact material Silver contact: hard silver alloy 2µm silver plated / gold contact: hard silver alloy 2µm silver plated and 0.4µm gold plated
Contact resistance Contact silver plated < 50 mOhm, Contact gold plated < 30 mOhm
Number of contacts Either 1Ö or 1S or 1Ö + 1S, or 2Ö + 2S per contact element. Max. 2 double contact elements per button
Type of connection Plug-in connection for flat receptacles 2.8x0.5mm
Contact mechanics Self-cleaning snap-action contacts with low bounce
Direct current load (ohmic) 5A/12V, 4A/24V, 3A/36V, 2A/48V, 1.5A/60V, 0.5A/125V, 0.3A/250V
Direct current load (inductive L/R = 15ms) 3A/12V, 2A/24V, 1.7A/36V, 1.5A/48V, 1.2A/60V, 0.3A/125V, 0.2A/250V
Switching capacity 5A 250V AC (cos 0.7), recommended fuse element: LS switch type C 6 A
Service life (electronic) 70,000 switching cycles 5A 250V (cos 0.7)
Vibration resistance up to 55Hz at 1.5mm stroke.

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Dimensions Ø = 18mm, D = 43mm
Front panel thickness max. 6.5mm - min. 2.0mm
Mounting diameter 16.2mm
Weight 8g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation TH25 Rotary switch IP40 "1 2" palpating
Article no. TH508021
Make TH-Contact
Conformity CE, VDE


TH508021 Drehschalter IP40 1 2 tastend.jpg

TH25 Drehschalter IP40 "1 2" tastend

Article no.: TH508021

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