Multifunction Time Relay CRM-91H

Multifunction Relay, output contacts: 1x change-over contact 16A

Quick Facts

  • Multifunction Time Relay for electrical units
  • meets all requirements of a time relay
  • 10 functions: response delay, fall-back delay, impulse generator...
  • time scale 0.1 sec. to 10 days

Multifunction Time Relay for electrical systems, lighting, heating, motor, pump and fan control due to the complexity of the device (10 functions, 10 time ranges, UNI voltage, 16A contact). Universal supply voltage AC/DC 12-240V or AV 230V.


aResponse delay after supply voltage feed
bFall-back delay after supply voltage feed
cPulse generator starting at low after supply voltage feed
dPulse generator starting with impulse after supply voltage feed
eFall-back delay - after switching off the control input
fFall-back delay - reacts to the ON signal of the control contact with the set time regardless of the input signal
gFall-back delay (t) after switching off the control contact
hON / fall-back delay - reacts to control contact
iImpulse relay
jImpulse generator

Electrical Data

Operating voltage AC/DC 12-240 V (AC 50-60 Hz)
Power consumption AC 0.7-3 VA / DC 0.5-1.7 W
Switching output 250 V AC1 / 24 V DC
Mechanical life 3 x 10^7
Connection screw terminals 2.5mm²
Max. ambient temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage temperature -30°C to +70°C
Protection class IP 40 from the front panel / IP 20 terminal
Voltage limitation class III
Pollution degree 2

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design DIN rail plastic housing light grey, snap-on on 35mm DIN rail 1 HP
Dimensions WxHxD 17.6x90x64mm
Weight 51g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation CRM-91H
Article no. EL100200
Make Elko
Conformity CE


TIMERough time setting
TIMEFine time setting
FUNCFunction setting

Function Indicators (LEDs on the Module)

Output indicator: Multifunctional LED diode red, blinks or lights up depending on switching status.

Pin Assignment

3-pole connector

A1 Supply AC/DC 12-240 V
S Control input
A2 Supply AC/DC 12-240 V

3-pole connector

15 Switching output 250V (common)
16 Switching output 250V (NC)
18 Switching output 250V (NO)




Article no.: EL100200

Multifunction Time Relay, output contacts: 1x change-over contact 16A

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