Voltage Monitoring HRN-43 / HRN-43N

3-phase system, voltage in 2 ranges: 160-276V (3x400/230V) or 280-480V (3x400V) / HRN-43 without neutral conductor / HRN-43N with neutral conductor

Quick Facts

  • monitoring: in 3-phase systems
  • "MEMORY" function - manual reset function, press "RESET" button
  • HRN-43 - for 3x400V circuits (without neutral conductor)
  • HRN-43N - for 3x400/230V circuits (with neutral conductor)
  • 2 output relays, function of the 2nd relay selectable (independent / parallel)
  • fixed (t1) and adjustable (t2) delay to avoid short-term failures and peaks
  • galvanic isolated supply AC 400V, AC 230V, AC/DC 24V

The relay is used for monitoring 3-phase systems. HRN-43N monitors the voltage to the neutral conductor, HRN-43 monitors the voltage between phases. The relay monitors and checks: Voltage in 2 levels (over-/undervoltage), phase asymmetry, phase sequence and phase failure. Each fault state is indicated by its own LED. By means of DIP switch (no. 3) it is possible to determine the function of the second relay - whether it works independently (1x overvoltage, 1x undervoltage) or in parallel. Delay t1 (fixed) - during transition from fault state to normal state or during voltage failure and t2 (adjustable) - during transition from normal state to fault state. The delays prevent line faults and flicker in the output at short-term peaks in the network.

Voltage check

The upper level Umax is set in the range 138-276V (or 240-480V for type HRN-43) and the lower level Umin in the range 35-99% of the Umax. If a phase deviates from the set range, the output relay switches off after the set delay (which prevents short-term voltage peaks). The output relay contact switches on again when the voltage lies again within the set range and exceeds the fixed hysteresis (which can be set in 2 levels by DIP switches).

Phase sequence

Checks the correct phase sequence. If an undesired change is made, the output contact is switched off; if the device is switched on with an incorrect phase sequence, the output contact is always switched off.


The asymmetry part between the individual phases is set in the range 5-20%. If the set asymmetry is exceeded, the output relay contact switches off and the LED indicating the asymmetry lights up. Delay t1 and t2 and hysteresis take effect during the transition to the normal state.

Electrical Data

Operating voltage AC 110 V, AC 230 V, AC 400 V or AC/DC 24 V (AC 50-60Hz)
Power consumption max. 4.5 VA
Switching output 250 V AC1 / 24 V DC
Mechanical life 3 x 10^7
Connection screw terminals 2.5mm²
Max. ambient temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage temperature -30°C to +70°C
Protection class IP40
Voltage limitation class III
Pollution degree 2

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design DIN rail plastic housing light grey, snap-on on 35mm DIN rail 3 HP
Dimensions WxHxD 90x52x65mm
Weight 239g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation HRN-43 / HRN-43N
Article no. EL200158 / EL200160
Make Elko
Conformity CE


Umax [V] Umax setting
t2 [s]Delay t2
Umin [%Umax]Umin setting
ASYM [%]Asymmetry setting 5-20%

DIP Switches

DIP StateSetting
DIP-1Without function
DIP-2OFFMemory function inactive
ONMemory function active
DIP-312nd relay parallel
22nd relay independent
DIP-45%Hysteresis setting 5%
10%Hysteresis setting 10%

Function Indicators (LEDs on the Module)

UnSupply voltage
<>UDisplay undervoltage, overvoltage, failure
ArrowsDisplay phase sequence
StarDisplay of asymmetry

Pin Assignment

6-pole connector

A1 Supply
A2 Supply
N N Monitoring (HRN-43N only)
L1 L1 Monitoring
L2 L2 Monitoring
L3 L3 Monitoring

6-pole connector

15 1st relay 250V (common)
16 1st relay 250V (NC)
18 1st relay 250V (NO)
25 2nd relay 250V (common)
26 2nd relay 250V (NC)
28 2nd relay 250V (NO)




Article no.: EL200158

Voltage monitoring in 3-phase system, voltage in 2 ranges: 160-276V (3x400/230V) or 280-480V (3x400V)

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