varintens Universal Dimmer UDK-04-10 (DALI)

The 4-way Universal Dimmer is suitable for all common dimmable types of light sources. 4 separate dimmer inputs and outputs are available. The control circuits automatically recognize the connected load and switch accordingly automatically from trailing edge to leading edge technology.

Quick Facts

  • universal dimmer
  • 4x 570W/VA 2.5A
  • DALI protocol
  • integrated test function

The UDK-04-10 (DALI) is a robust dimmer in leading edge and trailing edge technology. On the one hand it can be controlled by different types and on the other hand it can also control different loads:

    • control via the DALI BUS system
    • grouping of devices or channels, programming of various parameters
    • control of light bulbs and high-voltage halogen bulbs as well as low-voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformer
    • also suitable for many types of LED retrofits

    An automatic or manual switch-off function extends the application range. The UDK has 4 regulated (dimmable) outputs 230V/2.5A each with an integrated switch-on / switch-off function. 

      Electrical Data

      Per channel  
      Mains voltage 230 V ±10%
      Mains frequency 50 Hz (option 60 Hz)
      Technology dimming output trailing edge / leading edge with transistors
      Maximum load dimming output 2.5 A (570 VA/W)
      Minimum load dimming output 1 W light bulb
      Power loss at nominal load 4.7 W
      Power loss standby 0.4 W
      Cooling natural circulating air
      Open circuit voltage < 35 Vrms
      Short-circuit protection electronic rapid shutdown
      Overload protection temperature monitoring (response value 85°C)
      Switch-on delay approx. 2 s (mains switch-on)
      Button on module ON / brighter / darker (for test purposes)
      Operating and fault indication 6 LEDs (Power, Run, 4 x Status)

      Design, Dimensions, Weight

      Design Sheet steel with aluminium cooler, mounting on DIN rail 35 mm
      Dimensions WxHxD 216.5x90x59mm
      (Observe minimum distance to the next dimmer of 10mm. At full load we recommend a distance of 30mm.)
      Weight 750 g

      Ordering Data and Conformity

      Type designation UDK-04-10 (DALI)
      Article no. SE215.30.180
      Make varintens
      Conformity CE

      Instructions Manuals / Data Sheet

      Additional Equipment

      • DGL-01U - Dynamic base load for LED lamps



      UDK-04-10 (DALI)

      Article no.: SE215.30.180

      The 4-fold Universal Dimmer is suitable for all common dimmable types of illuminants. There are 4 separate dimmer inputs and outputs available. The control circuits automatically detect the connected load and switch from trailing edge to leading edge technology accordingly.

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