Universal Dimmer UD-700-X2-RDM

The reliable Universal Dimmer has been developed to perfectly dim all (via leading edge / trailing edge) dimmable illuminants (e.g. LED lamps). It does not require a minimum load and dims even from one LED retrofit lamp without flickering. Even a large number of LEDs is no problem for the dimmer.

Quick Facts

  • 2 channels 700W each or 1 channel 1400W
  • flicker-free dimming of LED lamps
  • automatic load detection
  • suppression of ripple control signals and mains interference
  • oscilloscope function
  • DMX512 8 bit and 16 bit, DMX-RDM
  • 1-10V / 0-10V
  • single-button dimmer

The Universal Dimmer is suitable for the reliable operation of high-voltage illuminants, magnetic transformers, electronic transformers, ESL and LED retrofit illuminants. There are 2 separate dimmer outputs available, each of which can be loaded with 700W. By configuring and switching the outputs in parallel, the dimmer can be loaded with 1x 1400W.
Each channel can be parameterised separately for the corresponding load type (leading edge or trailing edge mode). The dimmer automatically checks the connected load by carrying out a short test after applying the operating voltage for the first time to see whether the connected load can be operated with the desired setting.

The dimmer operates with an internal dimming resolution of 16 bit and thus meets the highest demands.

The properties already predefined at the factory, such as dimming curves, minimum and maximum limits, can still be changed and optimised by the user himself.

Control modes of the dimmer:

  • DMX512 8 bit and 16 bit
  • DMX-RDM 8 bit and 16 bit
  • Stand-alone: 0-10V, 1-10V, button (single-button dimmer)
  • internal potentiometers
  • For the DMX512 BUS protocol, the internal potentiometers and voltage inputs can be parameterised as priority, merge operation or for BUS failure.

A free software tool is available for stand-alone or DMX users. With this tool, the dimmer can be optimised by parameters via USB or RS-485 data connection and internal data such as temperatures, voltages, peak currents and power can be displayed. In addition, an oscilloscope function is integrated as a novelty. This means that, for the first time, the user also has a tool for displaying the current load - and without dangerous measurements on the mains voltage!

A check of unknown illuminants - such as new retrofit lamps - is thus possible without further measuring equipment. All you need is the connected UD-700-X2-RDM dimmer, a USB cable (USB type A to Micro B m/m) and our free software.

Electrical Data

Mains supply 230V / 45 to 65 Hz
Fuse 1 x 230V automatic or GL fuse 10A
Output 2 x 230V short-circuit proof, 10W-700W/VA per channel
or 1x 1400W/VA coupled
Power loss <0.5W...6W (stand-by...full load) per channel - total 12W at 2x700W load
Please ensure sufficient ventilation of the switch cabinet or housing!
1 (0)-10V Sink current at 1-10V = 0.54mA
Source current at hardware option "0-10V" = 0.14mA at 71kOhm
Isolation voltage  3500V (BUS / mains)
Short-circuit protection Electronic overload protection by current measurement
Short-circuit cut-off within 10 milliseconds
Subnet (RS-485) max. 5.6V limitation by Z diodes
Connection Screw terminals 1.5mm² pluggable
Operating temperature -10°C to +45°C 
> at +50°C max. 60% connectable power 
> at +55°C max. 50% connectable power
> at +60°C max. 30% connectable power
Storage temperature -25°C to +70 °C
Humidity 0...85 % r.h. non-condensing
Protection type IP 30
Protection class I

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design DIN rail housing
Dimensions WxHxD 106x90x59mm (6 HP)
Weight 300 g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation UD-700-X2-RDM
Article no. 80026505
Make ISYnet
Conformity CE

DIP switches in stand-alone operation

DIP switches in DMX-RDM operation




User 2ONON
Dimming typeC
Trailing edgeOFF
Leading edgeON



Feedback from the dimmer:

  • Device name
  • Manufacturer name
  • Firmware version
  • DMX address
  • Quantity of channels (1 or 2)
  • Active dimmer configuration (1-4)
  • Status messages / error messages:
    - OK channel 1, OK channel 2
    - Overload channel 1 / channel 2
    - Overvoltage channel 1 / channel 2
    - Error communication channel 1 / channel 2

Setting options per DMX-RDM:

  • DMX address
  • Dimmer configuration
    1 = DMX-8-Bit 2 channels
    2 = DMX-16-Bit 2 channels
    3 = DMX-8-Bit 1 channel
    4 = DMX-16-Bit 1 channel
  • User designation for the dimmer

DIP switches in DMX512 operation

Setting options for the DIP switches

FunctionOperating mode
U input 1-10VControl via digital potentiometer from switch manufacturer, or 1-10V dimmer coupler (behaves like an ECG from fluorescent lamps - the 10V for the 1-10V dimming is supplied by the dimmer)
U input 0-10VControl via external control e.g. PLC with 0-10V (0-10V voltage is supplied from the PLC)
A/B/C/DSee table below
ReserveNot assigned in this operating mode
Channel 1+2 coupledThe dimmer works 1-channel, power 1x1400W; bridge between outputs LD1 and LD2 required
Channel 1+2 separatThe dimmer works 2-channel, power 2x700W; the LD1 and LD2 outputs must not be connected together
Single-button dimmerControl via standard keys on terminals UE1 and UE2 against GND
press briefly = On/Off, press longer = dim
Analog 0(1)-10VAnalog control - in this position the DIP switches 3 are enabled for the selection 0-10V or 1-10V


A/B/C/D DIP switches - operating mode setting for DALI and stand-alone operation

DIP-ADIP-BOperating mode
OFFOFFAutomatic operating mode switching, the start value is predefined with the PC program on the "General" tab.
ONOFFTrailing edge
OFFONLeading edge
DIP-CDIP-DSetting dimming characteristics such as min-max values, curves, etc. (see PC program for the UD-700-X2)
OFFOFFParameters of the 1st column ("General" in the PC program)
ONOFFParameters of the 2nd column ("General" in the PC program)
OFFONParameters of the 3rd column ("General" in the PC program)
ONONParameters of the 4th column (with preheating setting for ESL)
("General" in the PC program)

Function Indicators in DMX-RDM operation (LEDs on the Module)

redPOWEROFFNo operating voltage
ONOperating voltage, no error
blinking evenlyToo high mains voltage (>400 Vs)
3x blinkingNo valid parameters available
yellowBUSOFFNo BUS signal detected
ONBUS signal detected, own address is not detected
blinking evenlyBUS signal and own module address detected
greenD1/D2OFFOutput "OFF", no error
ONOutput "ON", no error
blinking evenlyOvertemperature
1x blinkingOverload
2x blinkingOvervoltage
3x blinkingFailure of communication with dimmer processor

Function Indicators in stand-alone/DMX operation (LEDs on the Module)

redPOWEROFFNo operating voltage
ONOperating voltage, no error
1Hz blinkingToo high mains voltage (>400 Vs)
1x blinking + break 1.5sSelf test error
2x blinking + break 1.5sNo valid version is detected after selection (DIP switch)
3x blinking + break 1.5sNo valid parameters available
yellowBUSOFFNo BUS signal detected
ONBUS is active, but communication processor receives no data.
DMX: Data for the set address are not transmitted (telegram too short) or data format is wrong.
RS-485 test: Set address or data format is wrong.
1Hz blinkingCommunication processor receives data
greenD1/D2OFFOutput "OFF", no error
ONOutput "ON", no error
1Hz blinkingWarning/switching off when temperatures are too high:
Communication processor: 65°C / 75°C
MOSFET housing: 95°C / 105°C
1x blinking + break 1.5sMessage in case of overload:
1. When exceeding the max. permitted peak current (>15A)
2. When the limit values for power loss (>8W/channel) or peak current (>10A) are reached
2x blinking + break 1.5sMessage after switch-off at voltage peaks >450V
3x blinking + break 1.5sFailure of communication with dimmer processor

Pin Assignment

9-pole plug left

GND Reference potential (Ground) for the voltage inputs (0-10V) and BUS RS485 (internally bridged with the seventh terminal)
UE1 Control voltage input for the dimmer output LD1 (emergency function)
UE2 Control voltage input for dimmer output LD2 (emergency function)
+10V Voltage supply for external potentiometer(s)
GND Reference potential (Ground) for the voltage inputs (0-10V) and BUS RS485 (internally bridged with the first terminal)
A Subnet (BUS A, RS-485)
B Subnet (BUS B, RS-485)

6-pole plug right

LD1 Dimmer 1 load output 0...230V max. 700W/VA leading edge / trailing edge
LD2 Dimmer 2 load output 0...230V max. 700W/VA leading edge / trailing edge
L Mains voltage 230V (45Hz-65Hz)
N Neutral conductor
N Neutral conductor
PE Protective conductor

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Additional Equipment

  • USB cable
  • Dynamic Base Load DGL-01-UP for stable dimming of LED retrofit (already integrated in the UD-700-X2-RDM)


ISYGLT version: UD-700-X2
DALI version: UD-700-X2-DALI