varintens Power Dimmer SDK-AB-10

The varintens SDK-AB-10 is a digital dimmer in trailing edge technology, which on the one hand can be controlled by different types and on the other hand can also control different loads.

Quick Facts

  • trailing edge dimmer
  • 1x 2300W / 10A
  • 0-10V, 1-10V
  • metal housing for optimum heat management
  • robust

The SDK-AB-10 is a robust dimmer in trailing edge technology. On the one hand it can be controlled by different types and on the other hand it can also control different loads:

  • control via a potentiometer on the internal voltage source, with an external voltage source or also with a sink current source
  • control of light bulbs and high-voltage halogen bulbs as well as low-voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformer
  • also suitable for many types of LED retrofits

An automatic or manual switch-off function extends the application range. The SDK has a regulated (dimmable) output 230V/10A with an integrated switch-on / switch-off function. 

    Electrical Data

    Mains voltage 230 V ± 10 %
    Mains frequency 50 Hz (option 60 Hz)
    Technology dimming output trailing edge with transistors
    Maximum load dimming output 10 A (2.3 kW)
    Minimum load dimming output 10 W light bulbs
    LED peak current 55A
    Power loss at nominal load 30 W
    Power loss standby 2 W
    Cooling natural circulating air
    Open circuit voltage < 50 Vrms
    Short-circuit protection electronic current limitation (status LED flashes)
    Overload protection by reducing the output voltage in case of overtemperature (status LED flashes)
    Switch-on delay approx. 400 ms (mains switch-on)
    Current drop time 110 μs, with nominal light bulb load
    Noise 25 dB (A), at 1 m distance
    Operating and error indication 3 LEDs (Power, Run, Status)

    Design, Dimensions, Weight

    Design Metal housing, screwable on mounting plate or profile rails or optionally snap-on on 35mm DIN rail.
    The housing dimensions and mounting holes are compatible with the varintens L-10 and L-16 dimmer modules.
    Dimensions WxHxD 70x170x115mm
    (Observe a minimum distance of 10mm to the next dimmer. At full load we recommend a distance of 30mm.)
    Weight 1460 g

    Ordering Data and Conformity

    Type designation SDK-AB-10
    Article no. SE215.0002.00
    Make varintens
    Conformity CE

    Instructions Manuals / Data Sheet

    Additional Equipment

    • MDK-ES-10 Multifunctional control unit with 1-10V output
    • ISYGLT - CC-03-USB Compact Controller with USB interface
    • ISYGLT - DA-04-VX Module with 4 analog outputs