varintens Light Control Unit VIP-90/2 L

The lamp installation device VIP-90/2 L is suitable for dimming fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps.

Quick Facts

  • lamp installation device
  • flicker-free from 0 to 100%
  • control ratio 1 to 10,000
  • no special lamps
  • no special ballasts

The VIP-90/2 L ballast is suitable for 0 to 100% control of fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps with separate standard ballast.

At each period of voltage, the VIP-90 generates a strong pulse that safely ignites the fluorescent lamp. The ignition takes place with 50/60Hz. This results in the following advantages:

  • always perfect ignition of the lamp, even in dimmed condition
  • no limitation of lamps / light colour selection
  • no additional base load (energy loss)

    Electrical Data

    Mains voltage 230 V ±10%
    Mains frequency 50 Hz (option 60Hz)
    Maximum load per dimming circuit 18 / 36 / 58 W
    Ambient temperature -20°C to +60°C
    Protection class IP20

    Design, Dimensions, Weight

    Design Mounting in lamp
    Dimensions LxWxD 220x42x28mm
    Weight 412 g

    Ordering Data and Conformity

    Type designation VIP90/2 L
    Article no. SE231.20.000
    Make varintens
    Conformity CE